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And Now For Something Completely Different...

Wings Etc. is a family-friendly (but a little irreverent) restaurant and pub concept that puts a different spin on sports bar franchises: it doesn't look or feel anything like a franchise. Instead, it looks and feels like an incredibly cool, laid-back, locally-owned hangout. Like your friendly neighborhood "joint" - but in a good way.

Yes, there is logo and signage uniformity. The menus and base décor packages are the same from store to store. And, behind the scenes, there's a proven, rock-solid operational system in place, with painstakingly detailed but easy-to-follow manuals for food preparation, facilities management, personnel management and more.

But from a customer's perspective, a local Wings Etc. is like a one-off, comfy little escape from the whole cookie-cutter, "programmed" franchise dining and bar experience. There is a balanced blend of beer-related "clutter," sports paraphernalia, and even local sports team trophies and clippings throughout the pine-wood-paneled interior.

The "vibe" in the dining room is friendly and casual, and harmlessly irreverent in the bar. The service feels more friendly and engaged than you experience in a chain. The food is almost shockingly good: Good enough to earn a recommendation to your best friend or favorite uncle. The portions aren't just generous, they're borderline crazy. The unofficial Wings Etc. motto is "Size Does Matter," and our servers, bartenders, managers and kitchen staff proudly wear shirts proclaiming that commitment to customers for everything from entrée portions to number and size of TVs to selection of beer brands (we offer over 50).

And yet, because of the depth of our foodservice experience, and our expertise in contract negotiating and menu engineering, our franchisees enjoy some of the lowest food and beverage costs in the industry - in any category. Our overall startup costs and day-to-day operating costs are also some of the lowest in full-service dining, even when compared to chains with 20 times our number of locations. We keep it simple, we fight for every costs savings, and we continually find ways to reduce expenses. All of these efforts serve what is, perhaps, our most important goal: a low break-even cost.

The restaurant industry is more susceptible than almost any industry to the shifting sands of the global economy. We have developed a business model that provides both an over-the-top restaurant and pub experience for end-users, and a carefully controlled, refreshingly low, behind-the-scenes operating cost for franchise owners.

It's a model that's been working since 1994, when founder Jim Weaver decided to open a family-friendly beer and wings place in a town with some of the world's most rabid sports fans: South Bend, Indiana. Since our first Wings Etc. opened, we've been the proud recipients of the South Bend Tribune's "Best Wings" Reader's Choice award for 14 straight years. And now, sports pub fans and casual-dining customers of all socio-economic types are thrilled to see Wings Etc. locations opening in their communities.

Great Training, Marketing & Ongoing Day-to-Day Support

  • Comprehensive Operations and Management Training
  • On-Site Startup Support From Pre-Opening to Ribbon-Cutting
  • Proprietary Operational Systems, Recipes and More
  • Human Resources Guidance for Hiring, Employee Management
  • Marketing Assistance, Promotional Materials, Professionally-Produced Radio, Etc.
  • Face-to-Face Field Support from Operations & Marketing Staff
  • 24/7 Remote Support Via Our Secure, Franchisee-Only Online Data Repository
  • Low Startup Costs and Operating Costs, Low Break-Even.
  • Fun, Engaging Atmosphere - Customers and Employees Love the Place!!

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