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Ranked Among the Newly Released
2005 Top 500 Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine!!!

Tropik Sun® has retained primary presence in the retail shopping market as a main staple for refreshments and everyone's favorite munchies.

Tropik Sun Fruit & Nut® has grown into a nationally-recognized franchise system operating in more than 30 states. Diversifoods continues to add new Tropik Sun® stores to the franchise system with an aggressive growth focus throughout the United States. Our current franchisees renew their franchises and continue to operate successfully in markets with strong customer bases.

Over the long term, the candy and food industry has survived the peaks and valleys of every economic cycle. The advantage of the Tropik Sun® system over many other franchises is its product diversity and simplicity of operation. Unlike other retail concepts which are limited, the key to the historic success of Tropik Sun® is its ability to be flexible ... to remain popular regardless of changing tastes.

Tropik Sun® began in the summer of 1980 in downtown Chicago with a basic offering of 20 varieties of nuts, 16 types of dried fruits, a dozen trail mixes, carob and yogurt-covered nuts and fruits. Today Tropik Sun® has evolved to include a diversified and wide variety of "fun-munchies", gift items and thirst-quenching refreshments.

Tropik Sun® will likely be known as the greatest "fun-munchie" store in the history of shopping malls!

Tropik Sun® is proud to serve quality products that reflect the popular tastes of our ageless customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What previous experience is necessary for consideration to be awarded a Tropik Sun® franchise?

Experience is always helpful, however Tropik Sun® offers complete hands-on training to all franchisees on-site in their own store.

How long from the time I am awarded a Tropik Sun® franchise to the time I open?

A typical timeframe would be anywhere from 3 to 6 months, and could be up to a year. Fluctuations in schedule may be encountered due to site availability, financial considerations and the construction process.

Who will design my store?

Tropik Sun® has standard layouts with the expertise and experience to design a customized store based on the venue, space availability, and product offering. Tropik Sun® will employ architectural services on your behalf when the need arises.

What is the franchise fee and royalty fee?

The franchise fee is $20,000 due upon signing the franchise agreement. Ongoing royalty fees are 6% of net sales and due monthly.

What is the length of term of a franchise agreement?

A franchise agreement runs concurrently with the space lease where stores are located. When leases are renewed, the franchise agreement continues in effect without a renewal fee.

Is it possible to secure more than one franchise?

Yes! Tropik Sun® encourages all franchisees that strive to reach their maximum potential. A hand-shake right of first refusal is generally extended to existing franchisees for additional stores in a market area. However, Tropik Sun® cannot guarantee that market opportunities will remain available for a specific period of time.

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