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Before Topper's Pizza, there were basically two kinds of pizza businesses. The first kind are the fast food pizza delivery companies focused on simple menus and quick service. The biggest pizza companies in the world fit into this category. The second kind are those companies providing a higher end pizza menu. Typically those are sit-down restaurants that either don't deliver, or offer delivery in an hour or more with a hefty delivery charge added.

Topper's Pizza was born on August 9, 1991. The founding vision was to provide customers with the best of both - a unique high end pizza menu AND the fast delivery service they deserve.

We set an equally high standard for ourselves when it comes to building successful franchise partnerships. We measure the success of our company by the success of every store. The pizza business is very competitive. If you like to compete and win, consider joining our team.

Our Business

The pizza industry is huge- $30+ billion per year with thousands of competitors. However, very few can claim they are like Topper's Pizza. We have a specific and unique strategy to distinguish ourselves in a competitive marketplace.

We have developed efficient systems that can be easily taught to people interested in owning and operating their own business. Our systems allow all of our stores to meet our original high standards for product quality and outstanding customer service. We set an equally high standard for ourselves when it comes to building new franchise partnerships. We measure the growth of our company by the excellence of each and every store we open. We believe that we have a solid strategy and systemized business formula that will allow our new franchisees to compete with and outperform our largest competitors.

Fresher, Higher Quality Ingredients

Our menu is superior because we use fresh, hand-prepared ingredients. We cut our own vegetables and sell only the highest quality meats and real Wisconsin cheeses. We prepare our dough and sauce fresh, from scratch, in each store's kitchen.

A Unique Menu with Mass Appeal

The cornerstone of our menu is variety. Our distinct advantage over our competitors is that on average 70% of our sales come from the most unique offerings on our menu - Gourmet Pizzas, TopperstixTM and Grinders. Topper's means quality. We're not the cheapest pizza place in town; we're the best!

Site Selection

We'll be with you every step of the way to get your new business up and running. We'll assist you in selecting your site and provide consulting to help you negotiate your lease.

Grand Opening Support

Our marketing department will work with you to implement a Grand Opening campaign designed to create name awareness and generate immediate customer calls to your new store. This campaign will be tailored to the needs of your store's area. It will feature advertising materials and promotions that can help to build your customer count and generate initial sales.

Growing Your Business

Getting your Topper's Pizza store open is job one. But, helping your business grow into the dominant pizza business in your area is what we're all about.

Resources To Make Your Business Grow

Advertising Topper's Pizza is one of our greatest strengths. Our local market strategy uses a variety of professionally designed marketing tools to promote your store. We offer a wealth of support for your local marketing campaigns, including newspaper ads, direct mail pieces, point-of-sale materials and a web site.

Proactive Menu Development

We take a proactive approach to the products we serve. What sells today might not sell tomorrow. We strive to make sure our franchisees are well-prepared for changes in consumer demands.

Purchasing & Distribution Power

As a Topper's Pizza franchisee, you can be confident that you're buying your food at competitive prices. Because of the large volume of food purchases we collectively buy as a chain, we have negotiated a contract with one of the largest food purveyors in the country.

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