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Welcome To SWIRL!

Our delicious and nutritious drinks are leading a frozen drink explosion! With flavors and blends that appeal to both children and adults, SWIRL is a leader in the hottest beverage and casual dining drink in the USA today.

Easily the best tasting product on the market, our drinks are made with real fruit juice.

  • Provides 120% daily Vitamin C
  • 30% Vitamin A & D PLUS Calcium!
  • NO water lines or ICE needed
  • Variety of venues
  • Tastes great and puts a smile on everyones face!

A SWIRL of Revenue Streams!

The Swirl Drink Distributorship Program provides several ways to make money using our specially made machines and juice products. Swirl is great for schools, camps, restaurants, bars, clubs, and more, and is available in 1-3 bowl configurations, and soon a new home size.

We offer Top Quality "Granita" machines, High Quality Real Juice Concentrates, & High Quality Support & Service... all together making A Great Business Opportunity!

A Great Business Opportunity!

Swirl brand frozen non-carbonated beverages consistently taste great! They come in a multitude of flavors and colors designed to appeal to a variety of age groups. Swirl is an everyday treat that puts a smile on your face!

Culpepper Sales provides entrepreneurial sales-minded people with a lucrative business opportunity based on mutually beneficial relationships. Our network of distributors serves the fastest growing segment of the global retail beverage market with a family of Swirl frozen non-carbonated beverages.

If you are ready to start your own business, we have the best program of equipment and product available in the marketplace, coupled with parts and service plus sales and marketing...this equates to a great business opportunity!

Your creativity is your only limitation... Distributors have placements in locations including schools, bowling centers, video arcades, concession stands at stadiums, zoos, plus restaurants, convenience stores, country clubs and more.

A Growing Industry!

Statistics provided by a variety of industry related publications clearly validate a significant shift in consumer drink preferences from typical colas to "specialty" drinks such as espressos, lattes, frozen coffees, smoothies, fruit drinks etc. Culpepper Sales believes this shift is permanent and represents a significant opportunity for growth and profit.

During the next 10 years frozen drinks will experience growth to become a $40 billion market becoming as large as the beer business and as popular as fountain and bottled drinks. With Swirl's great tasting concentrates and marketing system, you will produce year round profits!

Your customers sell the drinks, making a profit for themselves... or provide them as a complimentary "customer service."

Contact us today - you can be "Swirlin" tomorrow!

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