Surf City Squeeze Franchise Business Opportunity

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Surf City Squeeze Franchise

The business of Surf City Squeeze is to design, build and franchise blended fruit smoothie retail outlets. Founder Kevin Blackwell created the business concept in 1981 in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then, we've opened over 100 Surf City Squeeze locations nationwide. Our proprietary Smoothie Mix is the cornerstone to Surf City Squeeze Smoothies, which make up 90% of the menu. Quality products, excellence in service, and genuine customer satisfaction are the business foundation.

Our menu consists of outrageously delicious smoothies, chillers, & lemonades of all flavors. Whether it's Strawberry Banana, Pineapple, Watermelon, or any one of our dozens of varieties, we offer a line up of blended treats that make for a swell lunch, dinner, or even breakfast.

Surf City Squeeze intends to expand the menu with the addition of food items and also has plans to expand the successful line of Functional powders and Extras available. This expanded Functional and Extras menu will allow the Surf City Squeeze menu to be recognized as the largest selection of herbal additives and supplements available in a blended drink.

The management team at Surf City Squeeze has developed the smoothie business operation with precision. The concept is a successful business location, efficient and appealing design, and a product menu that encompasses health and fitness awareness with new nutritional technologies. The management has created a strong team which can expand the concept with efficiency into the future targeted areas.

Surf City Squeeze expects to continue to expand the number of operations during the next five years to 400 locations. This expansion is based on the continuation of franchising, co-branding opportunities, expansion by current franchisees and through acquisitions.

Join the Team

The Surf City Squeeze franchising system has proven itself to be very successful. Because a significant number of existing franchisees are looking for additional locations as well as several prospective franchisees currently in the approval process to be granted franchises as they become available; our concept is rapidly expanding into markets all over the country.

Our franchise department is able to assist in locating financing, site selection, construction coordination and even locating an accountant. The Franchise Department also strongly encourages interaction between the franchisees in order to create an expanded source for ideas, information, and support.

Advantages of Franchising with Surf City Squeeze

  • Instant name recognition in the marketplace
  • Proven concept with proven profit potential
  • Professional marketing, advertising, and training
  • Pre-opening and Grand Opening training
  • Reduced risk for franchisee

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