Squeeze Juice Bar Franchise
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Squeeze Juice Bar Franchise

Squeeze has taken the juice bar concept to the next level with a cutting edge design ready for rapid expansion!

Why Squeeze?

Squeeze was established to capitalize on the fragmented juice bar industry. Our founders have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and have observed other companies currently franchising this concept continue to miss the boat. Brand recognition is what turns an otherwise average business into a spectacular one. At Squeeze, we recognize this, and have developed the most recognizable brand in the industry. For years, everyone has been Juice this, Juice that, Smoothie this and Smoothie that. Consumers have a hard time differentiating between any of these concepts - it's time for a fresh concept.

With Squeeze, you can count on being a part of a team poised for long-term success, and we are here to help. We are seeking qualified franchisees and area directors to partner with us in building on the successes we have already achieved, and continuing to establish Squeeze as a market leader in the juice/smoothie industry . When you walk into one of our stores, you will instantly see that the store is like no other juice bar operating today. The attention to detail is truly unmatched. It is the most visually stimulating juice bar concept that has ever been conceived!


Squeeze is offering the opportunity for franchisees and area directors to become a part of the Squeeze team. Squeeze is seeking individuals who share our common belief that being a follower, is just not good enough. We want leaders who want to control their financial future, and are willing to put forth the effort to realize that goal!

Expert Training and Support

Squeeze provides all franchise owners with in-depth, hands-on training in every aspect of store operations - from controlling costs to maintaining equipment to hiring. Our founders have a wealth of experience in the juice bar industry and the quick service restaurant industry. This experience is exemplified in our company policies which are a well-defined roadmap to success.

One of our key strengths is real estate, and an uncanny ability to out-position the competition. We use a proven method of identifying key trade areas, utilizing the top demographic research, and identifying key traffic generators to assist our franchisees in securing the best locations to help ensure success.

We work with national architects and general contractors to ensure that every store is built to our exact standards, assisting you with every step of the process from the day you sign your franchise agreement through opening day. We will be there for you!

We not only provide operational training, but we spend a significant amount of time on marketing because at Squeeze, we believe that both operational and marketing support are equally important in determining the level of your success.


"I wanted to open a Squeeze to provide my community with a healthy alternative to fast food and to provide a safe place for the youth to hang out in my town. Making a difference in our neighborhoods is important to me and to profit at the same time is a win-win proposition."
Suzanne Healy - Denver, Colorado owner and operator

"Being a Squeeze owner has allowed me the flexibility and control of my own schedule. The emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition over the last decade influenced my decision to choose a franchise opportunity that offered nutritious, balanced meal replacements. Considering the fast paced world that we live in, I believe the quick healthy meal to go is the natural evolution of a healthy lifestyle."
Lisa Sorbo - Castle Rock, Colorado owner and operator

Franchise and Area Director Qualifications

  • The attitude and desire to succeed without compromising principals
  • Willingness to devote the necessary time needed to ensure success
  • Communication skills, and management expertise is a must
  • Financial capability to meet all requirements

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