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A Unique and Stylish Franchise Opportunity
in the Booming Food and Wine Industry

SoNapa is a contemporary wine bar and restaurant concept that celebrates the California wine industry by offering a varied selection of wines predominately from Napa Valley and Sonoma County. Yet SoNapa is more than just another wine bar and restaurant. It is a celebration of Food, Wine and Social Entertainment in a relaxing neighborhood environment. SoNapa provides a stylish and affordable experience for guests:

  • Food: Our menu offers California Cuisine that is fitting of a fine restaurant, and yet simple enough that it requires no culinary experience or specialized staffing to prepare.
  • Wine: With over 100 wines to choose from there is something for every palate and budget while also demonstrating the unique attributes of the Napa Valley and Sonoma County wines.
  • Social Entertainment: By creating a relaxing and enjoyable neighborhood environment with flat screen televisions and relaxing music, you feel at home whether you are stopping in for the night or to enjoy a quick glass.

The Wine Industry Continues to Grow Steadily

Wine consumption in the United States is projected to exceed all other countries by 2011. A study by the International Wine & Spirit Record forecast that American consumption will continue to grow over the next five years and will reach 3.96 billion bottles, despite the economic challenges we face. Much of this growth is attributed to the Millennial Generation (those between the ages of 15 and 32). According to a study done by the Wine Market Council, the Millennial generation drinks the most wine, and are most likely to visit wine bars and belong to wine clubs. And many of them are just entering the legal drinking age. During each of the next six years there will be 4 million turning 21 each year. This is incredible news for those already in the wine industry, but even better for those looking to join.

Sharing Our Passion for Wine

SoNapa was born out of a common bond, the passion for wine. When the partners began discussing the concept of a wine venture and shared this love of wine and the idea of the business with family and friends, two things occurred; many close relationships were formed and SoNapa was born. Such is the bond shared by wine lovers - a bond that transcends all barriers and brings people together.

SoNapa quickly grew from a wine club among friends to a wine bar and restaurant where friends could gather and share life while enjoying a glass of wine paired with light gourmet fare in a relaxed, friendly environment. A passion for wine had grown into the perfect business.

The Five Course Revenue Source

To further position SoNapa as an exceptionally unique franchise opportunity, we offer our franchisees a "Five Course Revenue Source" consisting of the following:

  • In-Store Wine
    All of our wines are hand selected from Sonoma County and Napa Valley. Before we offer any wines for sale, we personally ensure the quality of the wine. Wines that have the designation of Sonoma County of Napa Valley must contain at least 85% of grapes grown in that region.

  • Retail Wine
    Wine is at the heart of all that we do. It is our passion. It is our business. SoNapa is seeking franchisees that bring this same passion into our franchise system.

  • Wine Events & Catering
    SoNapa hosts events like vino en FUEGO "Wine from Napa Valley to Spain," that offers guests an opportunityto taste over 100 wines from Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Napa Valley & Sonoma Country over live music and Spanish cuisine.

  • Food
    From appetizers and Fire Baked Flat Breads, to salads, soups and desserts, our menu items are simple - fresh ingredients in simple combinations that absolutely complement the wines.

  • Memberships
    This annual membership allows unlimited purchasing of wine at our wholesale prices (plus tax, shipping not included). Membership also includes: Invitations to exclusive wine tastings, wine pairings, & wine dinners, special sales & in store discounts, reduced corkage fees in the wine lounge, and consulting and expert culinary suggestions.

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