Revive Energy Vending
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Revive Energy Vending

Revive Energy Mint = The energy of an energy drink plus the health benefits of an entire serving of fruit!

Natural Energy Mint Contains:

Energy Blend = guarana-caffeine, green tea, ginseng

Superfood Blend = acai, goji, mangosteen "The World's Most Powerful Antioxidants"

Best Energy Supplement of 2008!

285% markup!

What's the opportunity?

  • Your Own Vending Business
  • Retail Rights
  • 17 point Business Package
  • Location Assistance
  • Limited Distributorships Per Area

There are 2 reasons why this product took 2.5 years to make:

  • Extensive consumer research on what consumers really want with a functional product.
  • It was extremely hard for Revive Energy Mint developmental scientists to fit the energy of an energy drink plus the antioxidants and health benefits of an entire serving of fruit all packed into one compact mint!

This product has no competition!

There is nothing out there on the market like this! Now you have the opportunity to get in a product that's following in Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy's footsteps by creating and completely dominating a new niche in a multi-billion dollar industry. Get in now!

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