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With over 70 years combined franchise experience, the Pass Your Plate team has developed a proven franchising system in one of the country's fastest growing industries.

Why Pass Your Plate?

EXPERIENCE - In an industry that's barely three years old, franchise prospects demand franchising experience when determining the support level and the infrastructure that's likely to be available to them after they become franchisees. Pass Your Plate is the only franchisor in this industry with a management group that has previous experience as both a franchisor and as a successful franchisee (currently 70 years of combined experience ... and counting).

SUCCESS - Our founders have "been in the trenches" and they know how to build a successful business. As franchisees in the staffing industry they were named the International Franchise Association's Franchisees of the Year in 2001.

DESIGN - Our stores are designed to create a seamless customer experience and to eliminate the annoying bottlenecks (according to customer feedback) evident in many competing stores. When combined with our customer service techniques, our clean, contemporary lines and warm, comfortable color palettes create an unforgettable customer experience.

MENU - Our food quality - in terms of ingredients and flavor - ranks highest in our markets (according to customer feedback). We use only the freshest ingredients - and our customers immediately recognize the difference.

MARKETING - Our proprietary Market Links system allows owners to systematically reach prospects across multiple channels - and easily measure their return on invested marketing dollars.

TECHNOLOGY - Our proprietary web-based SMART software puts state-of-the-art management tools at an owner's fingertips. Manage your customers, your marketing efforts, your food orders, your sessions and calendars and all your business data - even communicate with other franchisees - from any computer or PDA device.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK - Though a process called Image Alignment, we systematically collect data from customers and non-customers. This feedback is used to enhance the consumer experience across the system and strengthen the relationship with all audiences.

FAMILY CULTURE - We cultivate a strong and supportive family culture within our franchising group. SMART 2.0 contains communication tools that facilitate franchisee-to-franchisor and franchisee-to-franchisee discussions.

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