Mixed Greens Franchise Business Opportunity

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It's Time to Grow With the Green!

If you've been giving serious thought to owning and operating your own business, Mixed Greens has created an affordable franchise program that allows qualified entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of revolutionary change in the way Americans choose their daily meals.

Our exclusive franchise program offers such attractive benefits as:

  • Booming, Diverse Marketplace
  • Unlimited Growth Opportunity
  • Proven Systems & Procedures
  • Streamlined Operation
  • Exciting Health-Oriented Menu
  • Signature Products & Popular Favorites
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Low Cost of Goods
  • Low Employee Cost
  • High Profit Margins
  • Signature Products & Popular Favorites
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Low Cost of Goods
  • Low Employee Cost
  • High Profit Margins

Green is the New Color of Business

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, business has discovered that there is big money in going green ... and it doesn't get any greener than Mixed Greens!

Now you too can take full advantage of this unique and exciting "Green Revolution" by bringing Mixed Greens innovative franchise program to your very own neighborhood.

Mother Nature's Restaurant & Juicery

Today's rapidly growing Health-Conscious Food Market many consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the kinds of foods they and their families eat on a routine basis, and are actively looking for affordable, tasty alternatives to typical unhealthy (and often quite boring) fast food offerings.

This dramatic widespread change in attitude is quickly changing the American business landscape creating an enormous opportunity for sharp entrepreneurs eager to serve the consistently growing daily demand for fresh, healthy, and delightfully delicious meals.

Now, if qualified, you too can become a big part of the Mixed Greens team offering our highly popular line of healthy salads, wraps, and beverages to customers of all ages and walks of life.

Comprehensive Turn-Key Operation

It's all here! Your new franchise comes COMPLETE with everything needed to design, construct, outfit and operate your own Mixed Greens location.

Nothing has been left to chance. Each piece of this extraordinary franchise offering has been specifically selected to provide the most straightforward, easy-to-operate system, while at the same time helping to cut unnecessary waste and capitalize on production levels.

Best of all, our because our goal is always to help get you into successful, continuous operation as quickly and affordably as possible, we'll focus on adapting our franchise prototype model to best compensate for the unique physical realities of your location, and create your new franchise facility in a highly efficient, well-organized manner.

Hands-On Detailed Training and On-Going Support

Our training and support staff is committed to getting you up and running as quickly as possible, and then helping to continually improve the operation and performance of your new business.

We'll teach you the right way how to make our incredibly popular salads, wraps and beverages so that your customers will want to keep coming back for more time and again. Step by step, you will learn how to become an expert at quickly preparing customized meals while also effectively managing the correct delivery of both eat-in and take-out orders.

In addition, we will teach you the principles of proper store management, maintenance, and marketing. Not only that, but you can continue to benefit from our help, advice and encouragement whenever you need it.

Attractive Protected Territories

Most new franchisees have some idea of where they would like to establish their new Mixed Greens store. The fact is there are many great locations currently available that would prove ideal for an innovative concept such as Mixed Greens.

However, another important fact is great locations usually don't last very long. Whether it's a competing business or another franchise prospect, some sharp entrepreneur is sure to soon see the same potential for long-term success you do and step up to the plate first.

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