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"Is it possible to have a product that is better than our smoothies? The answer is yes and that's our Aloha Hawaiian Coffees program. This product line is exceptional and there is money to be made in coffee!"
Bill Ingram, Maui Wowi Franchise Operator since May, 2003.


Coffee -- for those who are acquainted with its charms, the word conjures up images of aromatic coffee houses and exotic locales filled with lush greenery in faraway places. Add the name Kona, and the vision becomes one of sandy beaches and romantic island hideaways. When we talk about a vacation in a cup, truly our Kona Blend is the epitome of that ideal. Try it yourself, and see if you don't agree that this is one of the richest, most flavorful cups of coffee you've ever had! Then sit back and savor the aroma and flavor; let the mild acidity and nutty sweetness envelop your senses and take you away to that Hawaiian island paradise.

Did you know...

Kona's main coffee-growing region stretches for 25 miles along the lower slopes of Hualalai volcano. The coffee plantations climb to 2,000 feet above the Pacific, with gorgeous views. The value of the real estate is just one reason Kona coffee fetches $20 to $25 a pound!

Because of the rugged growing surface, Kona beans must be picked by hand, not by machines, causing the largest growers to import workers from Mexico and Central America for the harvest. With a human doing the picking, the only beans picked are the ones with the red color that indicates their ripeness. After the beans are soaked and the skin is removed, they are left to dry in the sun, not in the commercial dryers that are widely used where coffee is mass-produced. At virtually every step along the way, a Kona bean gets more attention from a human than mass-market coffees.

And did you know that Kona coffee has royal connections? Virtually all the land where Kona is grown is part of the estate of King Kamehameha, the first Hawaiian ali'i (king) to unite all of the islands under one government.

Our entire coffee product line consists of gourmet Blends from four of the Hawaiian Islands; Kona, Molokai, Kauai and Maui. This royal line-up of some of the finest coffees in the world are blended to produce distinct flavors that will bring your customers back time and time again for their favorites.

Caffe Latte - Espresso and steamed milk

Iced Latte - Iced version or our classic Caffe Latte

Cappuccino - Espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk

Caffe Mocha - Espresso, chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream

Iced Mocha - Iced version of our classic Caffe Mocha

Espresso Shot - Smooth, bold and satisfying

Hot Chocolate - Chocolate, steamed milkand whipped cream

Island Kona Blend - Full bodied, well balanced aromatic flavor

Island Decaf - Warm, rich and relaxing without the caffeine

Island Blend of the Day - One exotic flavor will be featured each day

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