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You don't have to be a golfer to notice the wave driving record numbers of new golfers to the sport every year. From teens caught up in the Tiger Woods frenzy to seniors finally having the time to play, the sport has been attracting roughly two million newcomers a year for the past 10 years. And that's only the beginning because in the US over the next 10 years, aging Baby Boomers alone will drive a 12% increase in this 20 billion dollar industry with annual golf rounds expected to exceed 635 million.

And the gourmet coffee industry shows no signs of slowing down either, with record numbers of cafes becoming part of many peoples daily experience.

But with our busy lives, how do we make time for the sport we love?

That's where Parmasters Golf Training Centers latest project, the Links Golf Cafes come in.

Golfers of all levels want to belong to a "golf community", but traditional country clubs are often too expensive and restrictive for the average player and their family to join. Today's time-starved families want convenient, safe, affordable, and fun activities that family members of all ages can enjoy at any time of year.

Whether a fun place to hang out in a shopping mall, a great place to kill time at an airport, or a unique destination in a Factory Outlet for the golfers to hang out while others shop, Links Golf Cafes offer a way to share the passion for the sport we love.

In each café you can do some or all of the following:

  • Play on state of the art golf simulators featuring world famous golf courses;
  • Improve your swing on our Long Game Fluency Bays;
  • Read the latest golf news from our extensive collection of golf magazines;
  • Watch The Golf Channel;
  • Buy the best in golf training tools, books and videos;
  • Or just take a break and grab a bite to eat, including our gourmet links sausages with our 24 item topping bar.

Each 1000 to 2500 sq ft café is designed using our modular "kit of parts" strategy to optimize revenue potential and fit to the specific site variables, as easily as possible.

The main focus is to allow guests to share their passion for golf, whether it's a five minute visit and a quick read of a golf article, or a full 18 holes on Pebble Beach on the golf simulator.

The Links Golf Cafe concept started in 2006 as part of the amazing growth of Parmasters Golf Training Centers, the world's first, year-round indoor golf training center that literally guarantees results. It became clear that not everyone could afford to build the full size golf training centers that are the cornerstones to game improvement.

It was also clear that many golf markets weren't designed for year-round golf lessons. And certain emerging golf markets also just didn't have the population of golfers needed to invest in the full facilities.

For these reasons the team at Parmasters began developing a smaller, lower investment, option. And since the focus wasn't on lessons, we decided to come up with a different trade name for these options. Links Golf Café became that name.

And it certainly didn't hurt that Parmasters President & CEO, Tom Matzen, had built forty-six gourmet coffee bars, consulted on hundreds, and sold more than fifty thousand books on how to build cafes.

Who's behind Parmasters and Links Golf Cafes?

Conceptualized in 1998 by the team that helped build the successful Puckmasters Hockey Training Center franchise, Parmasters capitalizes on the "turn-key revolution" with totally duplicable, trademarked systems that focus on accelerated learning techniques and guaranteed results!

Now our senior management team includes franchise veterans like Michael Levy, who helped over 1000 franchise owners open as part of his background, and several experienced Board Advisors that have built successful organizations across the globe.

What's the opportunity?

Owning your own franchise business. That's right, after investing five years and over two million dollars researching and developing the concept, you have the opportunity to step in as the company launches and expands across North America and around the globe.

The Parmasters franchise system divides North America into nine large regional territories known as Regional Franchises, and fourteen across the rest of the globe. Each Regional Franchisor has the exclusive rights to market and sell Parmasters Golf Training Centers and Links Golf Cafes in with the full marketing and operational support of Parmasters Team Headquarters.

Why 'franchise'?

Because franchising offers the opportunity to take a concept and all its systems, marketing support, look, feel, identity and duplicate it as a "turn-key" operation. Properly developed, franchising dramatically increases the odds of succeeding in business. In fact, the US Department of Commerce indicates that non-franchised businesses have a 62% failure rate in the first six years.

Assuming there's golf in heaven, this may be the answer to their prayers.

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