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Lemon Heaven provides top quality, extremely popular products to Arenas, Stadiums, Convention Centers, Malls and Special events around the world.

All Lemon Heaven products have a proven track record for success. Everything we sell has a low product cost and can be sold through a variety of set-ups as you will see on our individual franchisee pages or in the photo gallery. Quite often we can adapt our set-up and product line to fit the decor and needs of a particular venue. All set-ups are designed for high volume sales and all products can be sold by hawkers that provide extra sales and incredible service to our customers. All set-ups allow the customer to watch the product being made and all products emit an aroma that excites the senses as well as the appetites. Our method of operation allow us to achieve huge volume of sales in a very short time.

The cornerstone of our success has been honesty and integrity. All products that we sell can be easily audited through our inventory control and reporting. We provide all of our clients with a regular, professional report of sales and inventory to ensure that all percentage payments are accurate. All Lemon Heaven operators have a strong commitment to appearance and cleanliness. Our strict standards ensure everything and everyone is always looking our best. All Lemon Heaven workers wear a professional uniform at all times.

Why Lemon Heaven?

The Lemon Heaven business system provides you with significant competitive advantages, including:

  • Lemon Heaven is environmentally responsible with our Compostable cups, Straws and Lids.
  • A minimal initial investment compared to traditional food industry concepts- there are no construction costs, build-out expenses, or leases.
  • High-quality products and professionally designed kiosks, carts and concession trailers.
  • Low-cost products that feature attractive profit margins.
  • No advertising fees.
  • Low royalty fee.
  • No additional franchise fees to expand into multi-unit franchising. We do everything we can to help you expand and grow your business.
  • Opportunities to expand product offerings and generate additional potential revenue streams.
  • Our Lemonade has no additives, preservatives or carbonation. It is made fresh, right in front of the customer.
  • We also make a diabetic Lemonade that has become very popular.
  • Our Mini Donuts are cooked in Zero Transfat oil.
  • Lemon Heaven now offers a 33% discount off the initial franchise fee to qualified VetFran candidates

Many Fun Venues Make Ideal Locations For Your Business

Our award-winning kiosks, concession trailers and vending carts are extremely versatile and can be operated at a variety of sites. Ideal spots for locating your business include:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Amusement parks
  • Arenas & stadiums
  • Convention centers
  • Festivals & fairs
  • Zoos
  • Malls
  • Golf courses
  • Farmer's markets

Lemon Heaven Lemonade,
The Best Tasting Lemonade On Earth.

All of our lemons are freshly squeezed in front of the customer so they know they're getting the real thing. After all ingredients are added, the Lemon Heaven is shaken, not stirred, to ensure the beverage is chilled and all ingredients are thoroughly mixed with the fresh lemon juice. This squeezing and shaking action creates a great aroma, attracts a lot of attention and makes for a great show. Lemon Heaven Lemonade is sold in 12oz, 24oz and 32oz sizes with a choice of Original, Cherry or Lime. All flavors are freshly squeezed lemonade served with the lemon in the drink. The final product creates a perfect showpiece for people walking around to advertise our delicious lemonade. Lemon Heaven also caters to diabetics upon request by serving our Diabetic Original Lemon Heaven Lemonade.

Our custom kiosks are built with a heavy duty aluminum frame and a streamlined dome shape, which makes them perfect for those windy days. All sides have zip-in windows to protect employees on bad weather days. Our custom made concession trailers are perfect for the fairs and special events where a large portion of sales are at night. Our Custom cart system is perfect for indoor locations such as Arenas, Stadiums and Convention Centers.

Cin City Mini Donuts, Made Fresh Before Your Eyes.

Our Mini Donuts are sold under the registered trademark "Cin City Donuts". Cin City mini donuts are high quality donuts made before your eyes. Consistently one of the most popular products at any event, you can't go wrong with mini donuts. At Cin City we are set-up to sell at top speed without sacrificing quality. With minimal wait time and top quality mini donuts in cinnamon sugar and plain, our customers leave happy and return every time.

The Cin City Donut Cart System is perfect for any indoor location. The ventless five stage filtration system filters out the grease but not the smell of freshly made donuts. Glass enclosure allows the customers to safely watch the donuts being made before their eyes. The fire suppression system conforms to all fire and safety codes. Beautiful stainless steel exterior enhances any food service operation.

Cotton Candy, Every Kids Favorite.

Lemon Heaven has been selling Cotton Candy at Arenas, Stadiums and Special Events for over ten years. Our attractive carts allow us to make cotton candy in front of the customers for a great show . Cotton Candy is one of those products that allow you to make thousands in advance of those highly attended events, ensuring that you never run out. Our mobile "cotton candy trees" give us the ability to add points of sales everywhere without the need for power, water and a lot of space.

Mobile Vending.

All Lemon Heaven products can be sold by "hawkers" that can roam around the venue or event for extra sales and added customer service.

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