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Bring Healthy Garden Choices to Your Neighborhood
With a Laughing Salad Café Franchise!

If you're not looking for a burger franchise -
If you're not looking for a hoagie franchise -
If you ARE looking for a franchise that offers healthy fast food alternatives -

Then, you've arrived!

Even before Laughing Salad Cafe was created, we had some definite ideas about the type of food we wanted to serve to our customers. Not just any fast fare - but delicious, fresh food for discerning, health conscious consumers who care about the quality of the goods they are buying. Our franchise program will teach you to make fabulous, filling and wonderfully fresh salads, oversize sandwiches and wraps, and soups that satisfy and fortify the soul.

Our aim is to give fast food a GOOD name by offering a wide variety of freshly prepared menu items that taste wonderful down to the last bite. Instead of using pre-packaged and highly processed foods, we take the time to select only the finest breads, meats, fish, vegetables and dressings, even roasting and slicing our own turkeys in store. Unlike most quick serve food businesses, it's our attention to detail behind the scenes that makes our company different.

Even though our enormous selection of made to order salads is part of our signature theme, at Laughing Salad Café, we realize that not everyone wants to eat salad. With this in mind, our delightful array of freshly made wraps, sandwiches and soups appeals to customers who desire consistently high quality products which simply overflow with natural flavor and goodness.

Laughing Salad Café Franchise Program Highlights

  • Experienced Franchisor
  • Comprehensive Hands-On Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Easy to operate, Easy to Replicate
  • Affordable Eat-in and Fast, Efficient Take-Out
  • Multi-profit Revenue Streams
  • The Health-Oriented Franchise of the Future

As experienced business owners, we have the knowledge - pick our brains! Laughing Salad Cafe has already encountered the pitfalls of business ownership. Over years of trial and error, we have made the changes necessary to improve our systems and operation to make it easily replicable and franchisable.

Our Franchisees enjoy the guidance of the Franchisor right from stage one through to their store's grand opening. In addition, even after opening their doors, we provide on going support to our Franchisees so they can overcome or altogether avoid the problems that many independent operations may experience.

Our systems and procedures are easily replicable, making the process that much easier for Franchisees who wish to open a store in more than one location.

In comparison with other stores that require enormous build-out costs, extensive and complicated menus and huge monthly lease payments, Laughing Salad Cafe is much more affordable and surprisingly easy to operate and re-create.

Laughing Salad Cafe already has negotiated great buying power of their products and services. Our Franchisees receive the benefits of these savings, thus enabling their store's operation to be even more profitable. We also realize the importance of having several sources of revenue, to help insure profitability. We'll be happy to pass along our years of experience in successful business ownership to Franchisees.

Join us in taking the health of our customers more seriously. Own a "Franchise of the Future!"

What Kind of Training/Support Does Laughing Salad Cafe Offer to Franchisees?

Before you open your doors, we will provide:

  • License to use company trademark
  • Training for you and the key people in your organization
  • Site selection assistance
  • Store design and layout assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • On-site support during store opening
  • Extremely detailed Operations Manual

After you have opened your doors, we will provide:

  • Consultation support
  • Ongoing visits and quality assurance inspections
  • Inventory and labor costs recommendations
  • Approved inventory suppliers
  • Public relations support
  • Ongoing research and development

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