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The KONA Company is "Driven" to Success

There is nothing like the KONA Ice experience! The instant you hear the tropical music, developed exclusively for KONA, over the BOSE sound system, you know something special is about to happen. KONA pulls up and your eyes are treated to a tropical scene that whisks you away to the islands. The sound of laughing with excitement fills the air. You're greeted by the smiling face of someone handing you a big cup of delightfully shaved ice. Then it's on to the Flavor Wave where you discover an endless variety of tropical flavors to build your own personal KONA Ica. Delicious entertainment like this keeps customers coming back all day long!

Our mission is to bring the most efficient, financially rewarding Entertainment Vehicle to our franchisees, while maintaining a morally responsible and uplifting product to our customers. KONA Ice provides a complete turnkey franchise at a fraction of typical food industry costs. With no paralyzing build-out costs or long-term store front lease, you can start making money immediately.

"I have never seen anything brand so quickly, serve so quickly, and make so much profit in all my 20 years in the food industry."
H.B. - Owner, National Fast Food Chicken Franchise

We Offer You the Complete Recipe for Success

Scalability - Multi-unit capability and the potential for absentee ownership.

Mobility - You simply GO TO the customers: Local Festivals - State/County Fairs - Summer Camps - Schools - Day Care Facilities - Outdoor Concerts - Church Picnics - Block Parties - Football, Soccer, and Baseball Games - Excellent for Fundraisers of All Kinds!

Marketing - All of the tools you need to make the most of your business, make the most of every event, and make the most of every day.

Maximum Profitability - Single employee operation and incredibly low food cost ensure a profit structure unmatched in the food industry.

Protected Territory - A large, exclusive and well-defined marketing area provides more than enough customers to meet even the most aggressive projections.

Immediate Branding - Nothing else Looks like, SOUNDS like, or HAS THE IMPACT of your KEV and no other products out there comes close to the unique refreshing taste of KONA Ice.

Merchandising - A full line of KONA merchandise increases your sales and builds brand recognition and loyalty.

Interactive Website - Kona Kids Club's website has the ability to strengthen your brand loyalty by keeping your customers engaged and aware of everything "KONA".

"The first time it came into my neighborhood, I knew right then it was the best concept I had ever seen. Then, when I saw what it did at an event we were both serving, I was blown away. This is lightning in a bottle. Sign me up!"
M.S. - Owner, Multi-concept, Multi-unit National Franchises

KEV - The KONA Entertainment Vehicle - Equipped for a Full Day

The serving area is 78" tall and big enough for two or three people, yet efficiently organized for single person operation. The flooring and cabinets are all commercial grade with stainless steel reinforcements and stainless preparation areas. Each KEV is equipped with over 30 cubic feet of freezer space which will hold hundreds of pounds of ice as well as a vast supply of specialty novelty ice cream treats. The On-board Ice Shaver can produce hundreds of cups of freshly shaved ice per hour. The KEV holds 25 gallons of ready-to-serve flavoring with storage space for up to 50 gallons more. As a result, you and your KEV are capable of serving thousands of customers a day!

Why stop making money when the sun goes down?

The KEV has over 20 feet of high output exterior lighting and 16 feet of interior lighting that will continue attracting customers well into the night. As attractive as any carnival ride, you'll keep serving from your KEV until the event comes to a close!

Flavor Wave Flavor Station creates a Win-Win for you and your customers. US Patent Pending.

The interaction of customers as they choose their own combination of flavors creates brand loyalty that keeps them coming back for more and more new flavor combinations.

The realized value of dispensing their own amount of flavoring helps establish a more comfortable retail pricing structure for you.

The speed at which you can simply hand out cups of ice and take in money cuts your serve time to a fraction.

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