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Java Dave's Coffee House is an original American success story. For more than 20 years, Java Dave's and the Neighbors family have been roasting award-winning coffee from around the world. The entire process from the purchase of beans across the globe to purveying the product in our gourmet coffee stores is overseen by Java Dave himself. Careful attention to detail and a desire for only the most excellent product has made Java Dave's Coffees a favorite destination for coffee and specialty drink consumers alike. With these things in mind, the Java Dave's era was conceived.

Java Dave's Coffee House Concept is a fresh concept in the specialty coffee industry. With significant attention being given to the sell of beans to the consumer, Java Dave's has established a presence with a multifaceted approach to doing business. New stores on the horizon are being designed to either have a European style and flair or a fun and exciting safari theme. The difference, however, between the European coffee house and the Java Dave's Coffee House is the distribution of specialty beans including flavored coffees which account for a large percentage of bean sales to consumers. With outstanding flavored coffees rolled into the mix, Java Dave's is quickly becoming the leader in the specialty coffee industry.

Java Dave's future is bright and the Neighbors family invites you to become a part of this aggressive and growing enterprise!

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