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Now there's something that tastes great and is
good for you without a lot of fat and calories!

Real Fruit Chunks in all fruit bars!

Thank you for your interest in our Fruitfull® Franchise opportunity. A Fruitfull® franchise is primarily a wholesale distribution business. Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. is a national company that distributes the delicious Fruitfull® frozen fruit bar as well as smoothies and other high quality products. Established in February 1991,our headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida, and the factory is in Southern California. We distribute Fruitfull® through our franchisees currently in over 39 states and Puerto Rico. We are continuing to expand our product distribution by selecting qualified individuals who desire to become franchisees in areas where distribution is needed.

We welcome the opportunity to share with you a most unique vehicle to develop your own business and to have fun while doing so. If you are an experienced business owner, or even if you are considering owning your own business for the first time, we are sure you will find the possibilities of our franchise opportunity to be exciting and rewarding. The business is almost always managed right out of your home, on a part-time or full-time basis. In addition, it is a business that you can get all the members of your family happily involved in!

This is a business that you run from your home, rather than having it run your home! To allow you to do this, we ship your product to a local commercial cold storage facility, not to your home. The cold storage facility warehouses your product year round. You build the business by adding wholesale accounts. We can suggest hundreds of types of wholesale accounts. You go back and service your accounts by driving your car or other vehicle to the cold storage facility, picking up boxes of your product, and delivering them, normally once a week, to the many locations where you have accounts.

H&H's own marketing consultants spend a week training you in your immediate area, and they physically go out and set up your initial locations (15-20 minimum to start). At the same time, they teach you how to get your own locations, so you will have the ability to expand your business on your own.

". . .you'll meet lots of good people in this business,
and your networking opportunities will be enormous."

Perhaps the most FUN aspect of the business is Retail Sales! This is where you, your spouse, and your kids put on your most fun-looking, tropical clothing, grab your straw hats and sunglasses, and set out with radio or tape deck playing (and of course, your Fruitfull® Cart) to let yourselves loose at various weekend special events that go on practically every weekend, particularly in the summer! Examples of such events are numerous. If you have kids, you are particularly lucky because kids not only love to do retail events, they tend to be GREAT at it! (The best way to run your business is to do both wholesale and retail sales!)

Please BE AWARE though! This business is not a "get rich quick" scheme, where you can expect to make big money while doing nothing. Your business will definitely require hard work, and you'll have to put in an honest effort! On the other hand, you'll meet lots of good people in this business, and your networking opportunities will be enormous. People like the personalized service of a friendly, conscientious family business that provides, with a smile, a delicious treat that is not only fun, but good for you. Not only that, but the relative uniqueness of our premium product gets you through the doors that would be closed to more ordinary, run-of-the-mill products. Once in the account, you may want to make extra money by supplying additional products, since you will be unlimited in the additional related products you may choose to become involved with.

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