Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company
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Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company - Fruitful Franchising At Its Best

Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company™ offers a unique, healthy and delicious alternative to floral arrangements, center pieces, gifts, appetizers and desserts.

Our beautiful edible products are made of fresh strawberries, apples, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, oranges, grapes, cheese and chocolate. Our Bouquets, Platters and Boxed Strawberries and Apples are all made fresh to order so they can be customized as you wish. They come in a variety of designs and sizes and can be accompanied by freshly made whipped cream, fudge sauce and balloons. We use only the finest and most sophisticated chocolate with "old world taste" from Guittard in San Francisco on our guaranteed fresh fruits. Our chocolate is Kosher Dairy.

Our products are perfect for any occasion from parties, holiday gatherings, corporate board meetings and events, expressions of sympathy, gratitude and congratulations, weddings, bridal and baby showers, barmitzvahs, birthdays and gifts.

Fruitful Franchising At Its Best

As a Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company™ franchise owner you operate from a retail location where you create and offer for sale to customers our fabulous variety of fresh fruit bouquets and products. You offer these products for sale via customer pickup or delivery by refrigerated van.

Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company™ offers you a terrific career opportunity to own your own business. We provide you extensive training in all of the areas necessary, including setup of the business, product design and preparation, business issues, technology issues, accounting issues, marketing matters and operating issues.

Some of the unique benefits of a Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company™ franchise include:

  • Large exclusive territories within which no other Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company™ stores can sell products.
  • Permanent ownership of the store as opposed only to the right to operate for a limited period of time. Many franchises provide their franchisees only the right to operate their store for a specific period of time such as 20 years. This means that upon expiration of that time period the franchisee does not own anything that he can sell or pass along. As a Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company™ franchisee you will own perpetually the right to operate from your store.
  • Short workday hours, typically 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • High gross profit margin products and relatively low start-up costs

We Set You Up To Operate And Provide Extensive Support Afterwards

Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company Franchising LLC is proud of the excellent support systems we provide to our franchisees. Ongoing support is provided before and after you open you store.

We work with you right from the beginning from selecting a site and hiring a staff to marketing and operating the business. We answer all your questions and provide extensive ongoing support.

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