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Hungry for a Change?

Ever have that feeling that you're supposed to be doing something else with your life? We did. We weren't following our dreams, and we were uninspired by the opportunities out there. Then we discovered the magic of fresh fruit - and an adventure was born. Now each day is filled with building an innovative business, bringing a fun and healthy product into people's lives, and creating and controlling our financial future.

Here at the Floral Fruit Company, our goal was to create a great product. We believe that in order to be truly successful, one must love what they do and we have created a product that we love!

What is Floral Fruit Company™?

Our locations offer for sale a wide variety of specialty fruit baskets made with Floral Fruit Company™'s proprietary recipes, as well as jars of Floral Fruit Company's fudge.

What makes Floral Fruit Company different from its competitors?

Let us count the ways. First and foremost, Floral Fruit Company is a brand new concept in the field of food gifts. Most franchisors struggle to distinguish their concepts from the rest of the crowd serving the same familiar fare. That's not the case with Floral Fruit Company. We offer a fresh and unique way to bring healthy, premium and fun food to our customers that puts a smile on every face.

A complete system to open & operate your own business.

Our Franchisees enjoy a close working relationship with our experienced sales team. We provide valuable information and coaching as you will have at your disposal a wealth of knowledge and expertise that help to ensure your success as a Floral Fruit Company Franchisee. Our simple and efficient processes employ the same technology, distribution system and training programs system-wide, ensuring the quality and integrity of our product in order to further the success of our company.

The Floral Fruit Company team assists its franchisees with site selection and equipment packages in addition to providing team member training assistance and marketing guidance. With our relatively low initial capital investment requirements and strong support system, the Floral Fruit Company can be an excellent life and business investment.

So, what do you get when you join our team?

  • The right to use Floral Fruit Company's trademarks and successful operating methods as outlined in our detailed Operations Manual;
  • Enrollment in our comprehensive (and fun!) training program, Fruit Camp, including opening and day-to-day operations of a Floral Fruit Company store;
  • The benefits of our proprietary trade secret formulas and recipes;
  • Site evaluation & selection support;
  • Advice in lease & other contract negotiations;
  • The benefit of our prototype unit design & staff consultation during construction of your site;
  • Assistance in planning your grand opening;
  • On-site operations assistance prior to and during and after your store opening;
  • The use of merchandising & marketing support programs, product tie-ins and seasonal promotions developed to attract new customers, cultivate & enhance customer loyalty and maximize frequency of visits;
  • The benefit of Floral Fruit Company's ongoing product development that is constantly testing new products and searching for new ideas and better ways to serve your customers.

OK, OK, you got me.

Floral Fruit Company is offering an unparalleled opportunity for entrepreneurs who share our vision of bringing an exciting and innovative concept to new markets across the country. With a fresh concept that has both consumers and food critics abuzz, we're excited to have you join the Floral Fruit Company team.

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