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Dine-In Delivery is a corporation that has, through research and financial investments in operating home based restaurant food delivery businesses, acquired the knowledge necessary to assist others in entering the fastest growing segment of the $200 billion restaurant industry. That segment is the restaurant meal delivery by non-preparers of numerous restaurants' meals to homes, offices, hotels, and motels.

How The Business Works

Orders are a result of distributing "menu guides" to homes, offices and hotels like Courtyard by Marriott. "Menu guides" are comprised of the menus of participating restaurants who have agreed to sell their meals through our licensees. Customers call to place their orders with our licensed operators who pass the orders on to the appropriate restaurant. Then an independent driver is called to pick up the order and deliver it to the customer.

The Opportunity

While Domino's has still been delivering plenty of pizzas they prepared, our Dine-In Delivery licensees have been doing very well for themselves in the same areas delivering meals during lunch and/or dinner hours they did not prepare from the likes of national chains like Quizno's and numerous independent restaurants.

We Are Different

What sets us apart form most firms is that we don't force anyone to use the knowledge we impart with and pay ever increasing royalties as their sales go up, as franchisors do. At the conclusion of our review of the restaurant meal delivery business by non-preparers, the reviewee is free to go about opening a home based food delivery business entirely independent of us and, of course, not pay any continuing fees to us. However, if they wish, for a minimum fixed fee which can be 100% financed, they can use the federally registered name Dine-In Delivery in the geographic area they choose by way of a licensing agreement that contains no operating rules or regulations.

"Pleased to inform you the business turned self-supportive in less than 3 weeks!"

"As a single mother with two daughters to care for after 3:00pm, becoming a Dine-In Delivery lunch time only licensee in an office area has worked out perfectly for me."

"My enthusiasm for a home based food delivery business can best be found in the fact that Dine-In Delivery's review was so complete, and my first area worked so well, that within a couple of months I purchased the rights to be the licensee in a second area."

Getting The Facts

The comprehensive business review costs $17,500. If, after completing the review you choose to license the Dine-In Delivery name for your area, that license will not cost you any more that $25/month for the first year. Start up costs range from $2,500 to $5,000 depending on how you choose to operate.

Your business review is conducted one-to-one, in your home city. We believe the one-to-one process is best as it allows us to address any of your questions or concerns directly instead of in a seminar or class.

Each person has a different background and experience so by doing reviews individually, we can go over what you need to know and not what you already might know.

The Business Review Includes:

  • Information on the market and the industry.
  • Everything you need in terms of statistics and operating numbers to convince restaurants to sign up and give you the necessary discount.
  • How to set up your operation.
  • Where to buy hot boxes, communication, and any other supplies you will need to operate.
  • How to set up your bookkeeping records.
  • Alternative contracts to use with restaurants and drivers that are easy to understand and not intimidating.
  • How to handle anticipated problems that may arise in any aspect of the business.
  • How to get menu guides distributed and what that should cost.
  • Access to a web-based software package for online ordering.
  • In short, everything you'll need to make your business a success!

If you would like to learn more about what a minimal investment in operating a home based food delivery business can turn into contact us today!

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