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Experience the freedom and satisfaction of owning an independent coffee house while having access to the experience and expertise of the CrimsonCup team. We provide the tools and on-going support needed to make your business a viable asset for your community, while you provide the name and personality.

We're making neighborhoods better, one latte at a time

The way we see it, your local coffee shop is one of the most important places in your community. We believe coffee shops should be a unique reflection of the owner and the community it is a part of. It's a place to gather, a place to relax, a place where you know everyone and everyone knows you. That is, if it's independently owned and operated.

That's where CrimsonCup comes in. Since 1991, we've been supporting locally owned coffee houses with award-winning coffee, the know-how and the tools needed to create a specialty coffee business that enriches its neighborhood and keeps the independent spirit alive.

Be independent without being alone

Join a nationwide network of independently owned coffee houses proudly displaying the CrimsonCup certification of quality. As the owner, this certification signifies that your coffee bar has been set up for maximum efficiency, your baristas have been trained by the best in the industry and you have access to on-going marketing tools and support. To the consumer, this certification signifies a great espresso based drink in a clean, unique and friendly environment. In other words, they know what to expect when visiting and CrimsonCup certified coffee business.

Our certification program provides ongoing marketing by uniting independent coffee shops across the country and arming them with the tools needed to gain the trust and support of coffee lovers everywhere. These are tools and resources that, until now, have only been available with a royalty agreement. In addition, there are no territorial restrictions or mandatory program participation when working with CrimsonCup.

It's our passion

CrimsonCup will help ensure that your new business will flourish and grow by:

  • Providing the highest quality coffee available
  • Helping you find and secure the best location in your community
  • Sharing our proven business planning process
  • Including the best equipment the industry has to offer
  • Conducting on-site barista training
  • Providing a profitable menu system and point-of-sale marketing support
  • Creating a personalized marketing and grand opening plan
  • Giving you training manuals and daily check sheets for efficiency
  • Hosting an annual Independents' Day Coffee Conference
  • Putting more money where it belongs - back into your community

CrimsonCup knows the Coffee Business

Since 1991, CrimsonCup has been providing specialty coffee and services to independent coffee shops. Our senior barista, Armando Escobar, joined the CrimsonCup team in 1995. With nearly 30 years of experience in specialty coffee, Armando knows what it takes to operate a thriving coffee shop and how to compete successfully against the large, corporate chains. Working with CrimsonCup not only gives you access to the experience and expertise of Armando, but the whole CrimsonCup team.

Together, our team has

  • Combined experience of 116 years in the coffee business
  • Opened over 200 independent coffee shops
  • Roasted over 3 million pounds of coffee
  • Pulled over 200,000 shots of espresso
  • Hosted six Independents' Day Coffee Conferences

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