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Welcome to Corporate Caterers!

If you want to go into the catering business, we're the best choice. There are literally thousands of food franchises available, and many compete in the same food segment. Then there's Corporate Caterers. We offer you multiple advantages over many restaurant concepts and other retail food establishments:

  • Lower typical investment, location lease costs, operating hours and overhead
  • Higher possible food margins, employee retention, and customer satisfaction

To our knowledge, Corporate Caterers is the first "catering only" franchise in the country. Of course, we can't guarantee your success, no one can-but we'd like to share our story with you, and let you draw your own conclusions. Then, when you're ready to talk, let's meet and discuss your potential in your own Corporate Caterers franchise.

"The number one reason corporate catering is one of, if not the best segment of the retail food industry, is its large profit margins."
Adam Eisen, Hospitality News, May 6, 2005

Our Recipe for Success!

We have the business systems, software programs, food prep & kitchen operations, employee & driver training, and marketing & promotional concepts ready for you to learn, implement and use. And yet, we're small enough to adjust to your needs in your marketplace, while supporting each new owner in our system with the same enthusiasm and energy.

Franchising offers you a better system for learning our business. We expect you to have some previous experience in restaurant management or food service. We can facilitate your learning our program, but no one can make you learn or make you successful. We want to offer the best and we want the best to offer. Corporate Caterers is seeking the best-qualified franchise owners, and we look forward to working with you personally.

A Moveable Feast!

It starts in the kitchen with the food. We prepare food very well, and we'll teach you and your staff the same techniques. From prep work to cooking, from ordering from vendors to processing paperwork and billing, we have the system and procedures to streamline your workflow and manage your business efficiently.

We add staff based on catering demands and business growth. We adjust our food and labor costs the same way. Because we cater a fixed number of meals each day, we can minimize wasted food and labor costs. We also cross-train key employees so that we educate team members who understand and support the whole process and can fill-in as needed.

Food for Thought...

"Catering is one of the star performing segments in the foodservice industry,"
Hudson Riehle, Senior VP, National Restaurant Assn., quoted by Ann Meyer, in the Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2005

Corporate Caterers Is All About The Food!

Whether it's breakfast or lunch, we've developed a menu that sells and satisfies. We're a Southern Florida-based company, so our current menu reflects the tastes and choices of our marketplace, including Latin and Cuban influences. As we open franchises in other markets and states, we will maintain a core menu of proven popular entrees and side dishes, but we'll customize a portion of the menu to fit the regional tastes in your market.

Clients appreciate our professionalism, value our services and are pleased with our pricing-order after order. And clients' repeat orders confirm the value of our philosophy. That's your Corporate Caterers advantage, too!

We are eager to tell you our story, share our enthusiasm and find out if we're the business "match" you're looking for.

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