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An Entrepreneur's Dream ... Delivered

Few Franchise Organizations can match the market size, trend, and brand appeal of Chih'ua ® ('chee-wa') Tacos y Cortes. Here's why:

Market and Trend: #1 Market for Present and Future

The market trend in food has been towards fresh, casual Mexican food for several years - making it the largest market in America. A new market is emerging to succeed this trend, which is the "fresh, casual, modern-authentic." This movement leaves the heavy beans, rice, burritos and stereotypical décor at home and instead focuses on the rich flavors of meats and the fresh and exotic taco combinations made famous in the metropolitan areas of Mexico. This market appeals to the power of the Latino buying dollar, while delivering other demographics anxious for quality, exotic dining options. No trend is likely to grow more rapidly over the next 15 years, and Chih'ua® operators are uniquely positioned to capitalize on it.

Not convinced about the market? Try this independent market research by HispanTelligence:

  • U.S. Hispanics spend 1/3 of their disposable income on food; almost 8% more than the next closest demographic
  • That's $195 BILLION dollars
  • The Hispanic population is growing at 4 times the national growth rate
  • Hispanic purchasing power is expected to surpass $1 TRILLION by 2010
  • That's 3 times the overall national growth rate
  • Hispanic Americans are deeply loyal to Traditional brands and tastes and have difficulty finding these tastes in a quality restaurant setting in the U.S.

And that's just the Hispanic market.

Brand Appeal: World-class and rapidly expanding

In a recent study of brands in Northern Mexico, a major radio station study concluded that Chih'ua® could not benefit from traditional advertising in the market because brand appeal and loyalty were already so high. Only a handful of brands received this distinction. This authentic and genuine appeal on both sides of the border sets Chih'ua® apart as something extremely difficult to imitate. Imagine the vast number of people anxiously awaiting the ability to consume the rich, fresh, exotic tastes of Chih'ua® north of the border and beyond. Now imagine being the one to bring it to them.

You: Not willing to miss out on another "next best thing ..."

Every franchise concept is made better by quality, motivated franchisees. Our franchisees are second to none. To assist them, we have assembled high-quality teams on both sides of the border - in Mexico to stay true to the food and passion that makes us unique and in the United States to utilize the latest in technology and service innovation, national buying programs, service proximity and marketing insights to ensure you have the best chance to dominate your market. We do this so you can focus on what you do best ... delivering satisfaction to a broad and loyal client base.

Two Models, One Strong Opportunity

Chih'ua® has developed two models for maximum operator flexibility and market exposure.

Markets Fill Quickly, Take Charge Now

  1. Own a Chih'ua ® store: Chih'ua ® is looking for passionate, customer-focused people who want to be on the cutting edge of this market by owning our stores.

    If you're motivated, if you want to be your own boss, if you want to be a part of a premium brand, and if you're a good team player, we at Chih'ua® would love to hear from you.

  2. Develop an Area: At Chih'ua ®, each franchisee is supported by a local Area Developer (AD). AD's recruit fellow franchisees, support them during lease negotiation and construction, then monitor and mentor their ongoing store activities. For a limited time and in select markets Chih'ua ® is offering Area Development rights to the right candidates for roughly the cost of a regular-sized franchise. There can only be one Area Developer per territory. Don't miss the potential rewards and prestige offered with this opportunity.

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