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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a consistent quality of health conscious food, an enjoyable atmosphere and customer satisfaction that is paramount.

Our Exciting Concept - The tasty way to stay healthy!

Chick-N-Grill strives to be the premier franchise restaurant in the local and national marketplace. Our main focus is serving consistent quality product with 100% guaranteed customer service. We feature a large selection of freshly-prepared and grilled food. We combine menu variety, atmosphere, ambiance and friendly staff to create a sense of "place" in order to reach our goal of overall value in the "fast casual" dining experience.

Superior Menu

In today's highly competitive environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate one restaurant concept from another. At Chick-N-Grill, we have created mouth-watering recipes that are superior to that of our competitors. Customers can taste the quality and freshness of the product in every bite, without the fast food feeling.

Chick-N-Grill provides a unique combination of a high quality dining experience at a reasonably low price. Chick-N-Grill is the answer to an increasing demand. We provide a unique, mid-scale, innovative atmosphere that successfully entices customers to bring together families and friends to dine and socialize. We want "word of mouth" to be our best form of marketing. Our success is your success!

Loyal Customers

Chick-N-Grill continuously gains its loyal customers through devotion to our signature menu items such as grilled chicken breasts, BBQ and Bourbon chicken, churrasco steak, stuffed potatoes and pitas, plus several choices of salads, side items and desserts. Our casual atmosphere and high-end food distinguishes Chick-N-Grill from other casual dining food service providers in America.

Rapid Growth

Chick-N-Grill Franchise is growing at a rapid rate due to the high level of customer satisfaction expected and delivered by our Franchisees. The Chick-N-Grill Franchise team is ready to assist you in becoming a member of our family of worthy business partners. Our franchise is full of strategies and proven procedures to make the most of your business venture. Being a Chick-N-Grill Franchisee gives you access to our team of support staff and partners, plus the security of our expertise and brand recognition.

High Quality

Fast food chains may have low-priced hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken, fish, french fries and tacos, however, they use average ingredients and provide only an average store atmosphere. Chick-N-Grill distinguishes ourselves from this tired crowd as we only serve high quality, fresh, healthy and tasty entrees. Most fast food chains are suffering because of the market trend toward healthier eating. It is well documented that these chains are struggling with the high fat and high caloric content in their food. Their response has been painfully slow and uncreative as they have only been able to come up with weak attempts to offer healthier alternatives in the form of salads, fruit and bottled water. By comparison, Chick-N-Grill is way ahead in the healthy eating game and as we say... Get out of the kitchen and into the Grill!

Three Franchise Opportunities

We have three exciting franchising opportunities: one for the single-unit restaurant owner, one for the multi-unit operator and yet another for a co-branded store (please inquire further about this new option).

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