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Put simply, California Crave™ offers sophisticated, exciting and healthy dining at a more affordable price point than traditional full-service restaurants. We offer the best of all worlds: Upscale yet unpretentious. Satisfying yet healthy. Gourmet yet generous. And always fresh, fun, and interesting.

California Quality

We've taken special pains to ensure our food will induce unmistakable cravings in our customers. Tantalizing sandwiches made with our signature breads, rich homestyle soups, crisp salads, gourmet pizza and pasta dishes, plus exquisite desserts and coffees provide a culinary experience normally found only at more exclusive establishments.

California Casual

Recent trends show most people want higher quality, better tasting food, served in a friendly and easygoing, yet stylish environment-and they don't want to pay traditional full-service restaurant prices. With that in mind, we've designed each restaurant to minimize operating, construction and real-estate costs. And placed them in areas of heavy commercial and residential traffic. This allows us to lower the average check price to an affordable $7 to $10 per person, placing us squarely in the fastest-growing market segment in the industry, known as "quick-casual."

Quick-casual restaurants are characterized by moderate prices, upscale menus and recipes cooked-to-order in exhibition kitchens and upscale environments where counter-ordered food is served to the table, providing guests with greater value and control of their time.

And although the prices are lower than a traditional full-service restaurant, when it comes to ambience and comfort, we spare no attention to detail. Each restaurant boasts its own distinct design and feel - no two are exactly alike, but all are bright, energetic, sumptuous and inviting.

California Unique

What's also unique to California Crave™ is we offer different service formats depending on the time of day. For super-fast breakfast and lunch service, patrons order at the counter and the food is served to their tables by our friendly staff. At dinner we switch to full-service and adjust the ambience to correspond with the more subdued nighttime mood. Our restaurants are designed to provide the full-service experience guests seek, while accommodating their needs for more traditional quick-casual elements such as timely service during the rushed daytime hours. As always, we try to provide our patrons with the best of all worlds, while taking advantage of the opportunities present at different day - parts - a weakness found in most other quick-casual concepts.

California Convenience

We've also placed special emphasis on the quality and convenience of our take-out and delivery services. Until now most delivery choices have been limited to pizza, Chinese, and a smattering of local "mom and pop" restaurants. While fulfilling on some immediate levels, these options don't meet the growing demand for fresher, higher-quality food. What we've done is marry this convenience with the quality of a full-service restaurant, producing the highest quality quick delivery option available anywhere.

More importantly, we've designed and thoroughly tested our delivery system to ensure that no loss of quality occurs during transit. Our food is every bit as cravable on your table as it is on ours.

California Cooperation

We know that word-of-mouth is the only way a restaurant can truly grow and so we've cut no corners in our quest to become the favored restaurant in our segment. Our approach is to pay attention to what really counts: THE GUEST EXPERIENCE - quality, service, comfort and cleanliness. Our team and strategy are uniquely disposed to bring this exceptional concept to full fruition.

The California Crave™ development team is made up of industry veterans that have more than 100 years combined experience working with nationally successful restaurant chains such as Applebee's®, Marie Callenders®, California Pizza Kitchen®, Claim Jumper®, Taco Bell® and others.

Our growth objective is to build 500 restaurants in the next ten years. We will accomplish this by developing a comprehensive franchise system comprised of individual franchisees, professional multi-unit franchisees, and by building partnerships with other restaurant chains.

We assist our franchise partners with:

  • Financing
  • Site Selection
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Operations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing Support

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