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"Strong individual links make for an indestructible chain."

About The California Chicken Grill™

In 1999 after visiting California, two guys from Florida had a vision. One late night after coming home, they desperately wanted something to eat..but what was open this late? Looking in the phone book, all they could find were the same old pizza and wing delivery places. "Wouldn't it be great if there were a place that delivered something besides pizza?" one said to the other. "Yeah something that isn't greasy that I don't have to break down and cook myself!"

And so The California Chicken Grill was born. Finally another option, not only for delivery, but for quick take-out and casual dine-in as well. The guys opened their first store in Gainesville at the University of Florida and it was an instant success! Not long after another store was added in Tallahassee at Florida State University, and the rest as they say is history.

The Food

Our food is always cooked to order, fresh. Everything is grilled or baked. We don't even own a fryer. All of our side dishes and sauces are made from scratch in the store every day and we only use the freshest market produce.

The Menu

We have something for everyone. From the ultra-health conscious, to the every day fast food addict, we have something that will satisfy your taste buds. We provide an alternative to a greasy pizza or yet another night at some burger joint. It's like a home cooked meal without any cooking.

Why California Chicken Grill™?

A concept that targets every demographic group is hard to find. Here are the reasons that we believe we have achieved this.

  • "Americans are eating more chicken than ever." Chicken has become the number one consumed meat in the United States. (USDA)
  • Fast casual is the fastest growing segment of the fast food industry, accounting for $5 billion in sales. (
  • The overall focus of the fast food industry is shifting to accommodate the health conscious as well as the traditional fast food consumer.
  • The demand for home delivery and take- out is continually increasing which makes this unsaturated segment very appealing.
  • Until now the choices for home food delivery have been limited to pizza and wings. Our menu offers a large variety of healthy and delicious options and appeals to a wide variety of potential customers in this untapped market.
  • The take-out/delivery segment is projected to hit $200 billion in sales over the next few years.
  • Along with take-out and delivery, we offer a relaxed and modern atmosphere for dine-in customers.
  • California Chicken Grill™ takes advantage of the fast growth in the take-out/delivery segment as well as the explosive fast casual dine in market.
  • Start up costs for these franchises are significantly lower than the industry average, which is greater than $400,000. The average California Chicken Grill™ costs between $150,000- $180,000 to get you open for business.

What do I get?

A major benefit to owning a franchise is that you get a proven system that works. With this system comes a desired product, unique recipes, ongoing training, support, research and development, and on call advice whenever the need may arise. Here is why our system has been successful time and time again:

  • Training - California Chicken Grill™'s experienced staff will provide you with extensive training from day one through your opening and continuous consulting thereafter. We will take the time to make sure your staff is properly trained in every aspect of the business.
  • Marketing and Advertising - We provide you with all the tools and advice necessary to launch successful ad campaigns, which focus on immediate results as well as the long-term success of the business. Large volume printing of flyers, menus and door hangers translates into deeper discounts and lower costs.
  • Real Estate - Through experience we have determined the ideal location for this concept. We share our resources and help you with location selection and lease negotiation. Finding an "A" location is a vital step in the success of your business.
  • Restaurant Design and Layout - You get our optimal efficiency kitchen design as well as an appealing dining room layout built to suit your particular location's demands.
  • Operations Manual - A very detailed and comprehensive "How to" manual which contains every detail on operating a California Chicken Grill™.
  • Purchasing - Through national contracts and bulk purchasing you will be ensured the most competitive pricing through our food vendors.
  • Point of Sale System - You will be equipped and trained on our advanced POS system, which will handle numerous aspects of your day-to-day operations.
  • Quality Control and Support - You will receive ongoing quality control visits to your location to ensure consistency, and unlimited phone support to ensure your success.
  • Research and Development - We keep up with this continuously changing industry and will keep you ahead of the game with new menu items, innovative advertising, and any market changes, which may help improve your business.

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