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Distributor Information

We plan to guide new Distributors in obtaining high-traffic locations all across America . The potential market is huge with tremendous growth opportunity.

This is a business idea whose time is now. With our new beverage product line and equipment featuring advanced European technology, you are ready to meet and fulfill a huge growing demand for gourmet coffee in thousands of locations. The incredibly wide variety of locations offer an opportunity for the Café Gourmet2GO XP commercial brewing system to make money for you. Consider the possibilities.

Imagine a state-of-the-art automatic brewing system that can produce taste-tingling espresso, cappuccino, latte, and regular coffee and specialty teas - all at just the push of a button!

You will be lending your equipment to your many new customers! How could they say no? If you're actually not charging for this incredible machine, how will you make money? By selling your customers the specialized coffee and teas that are required to operate the machine! The machine will only operate with your capsules. It's the same philosophy as DirecTV giving away the satellite dish and selling the product that makes it work.

Facts About Coffee

  • Coffee is the #1 beverage consumed in the world, a true recession-proof product.
  • America is the world's leading consumer of coffee - over 400 million cups per day.
  • Coffee is the second-largest commodity in the United States (oil is #1 and water #3).
  • Annual coffee sales in the U.S. are over $20 billion (Specialty Coffee Association of America).
  • Gourmet coffee is a $9.5 billion industry in the U.S. (Specialty Coffee Association of America).

A Huge Market

There are literally thousands of food outlets in your area that presently do not offer specialty coffees but wish they could. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up your own Café Gourmet2GO Distributorship with our help. You will be able to make contact with these locations and choose which you want to become your customers. It couldn't be easier.

Once your Café Gourmet2GO XP commercial brewing system is delivered, you will regularly refill their stock of the pre-measured, pre-ground single serving capsules that go into the machine. From then on you'll make a handsome profit on every cup that's sold. If at any time, you're not happy with the profits your location earns, you will be able to find more customers very easily right in your own area. We'll be glad to share our resources with you.

We Focus On Your Success

Our success is dependent on your success because we're the one selling you the coffee capsules. Café Gourmet2GO is currently expanding its national operation and is therefore offering this unique limited opportunity to a select number of qualified individuals. Together, we plan to make a lot of money.

We have teamed up with a highly skilled manufacturer that has been in this business since 1981. Today they import over eighty (80) tons of various coffees blends annually into the United States alone.

We take our business seriously and want to assist you in succeeding, so we all become successful.

Are you ready to start?

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