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A Breeze Freeze franchise is a special opportunity: Our structure affords our franchisees the opportunity to operate their business in a way that fits their lifestyle. You can build a career with an exclusive territory. Or it can be ideal for retirees, teachers, or individuals anticipating retirement but still want to continue working.

Key Points

  • Name brand recognition with ground floor opportunity.
  • A healthy alternative product that sells itself.
  • 2 Franchise options that give you the ability to grow at your pace.
  • Work out of your Home.
  • Extensive one on one training, ongoing support.
  • Solid foundation in schools across the country.
  • Exclusive territories with an existing client base.
  • Corporate support attaining clients.
  • Proven marketing system.
  • Low inventory needs and low overhead expenses.
  • Simple business plan, ease of operations.
  • Flexible Time Commitment including a part-time option.
  • Web-based software for everything from invoicing to inventory control and CRM.
  • Scalability, profitability, controlled investment.


Breeze Freeze is a leader in the Frozen Beverage Industry. While the frozen drink industry has evolved into mainstream we have taken it to the next level by making it a healthy lifestyle. Our 100% fruit juice Granita (Italian Ice) has real fruit pulp, 100% fortified Vitamin C, Calcium and no added sugars. Our main goal is providing schools with a healthy alternative to carbonated and caffeinated drinks. We also target commercial establishments, such as convenience stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants, health spas, and others. There are also many rental opportunities for parties, graduations and other events.


There are 2 main entry points.

  • Option A: Exclusive territory - $40,000 Franchise Fee (additional territories available at a reduced cost) plus equipment costs.
  • Option B: 1 location - $5,000 Franchise Fee 1-4 additional locations for $1,000 each plus equipment costs. You can switch to an A at any time if the territory is available.

No Royalties!

But, you must buy product and equipment from Breeze Freeze, Inc. They make money on product sales! So if you are not successful, they are not successful!


With no permanent site location, time commitment is flexible. However, great customer service is mandatory.

Franchisee Profile

Entrepreneurs who want to have fun! Solid work ethic, ability to follow a proven plan, motivation and a social networking aptitude is necessary.

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