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Booster Juice: Squeeze More Out of Life

When you think of market dominance and name brand recognition Booster Juice clearly has it in Canada with over 140 locations from Newfoundland to Vancouver. And now we're set to do it again in the US with initial locations open in Arizona, California, Idaho and Utah and expansion slated for Orlando/Tampa, San Francisco bay area, Portland , Houston and Manhattan for summer and fall of 2006. If you're looking for an established leader in the juice bar industry with proven success you may be a great candidate to be a Booster Juice franchise owner.

The Booster Juice Competitive Advantage!

What sets Booster Juice apart is the vision and commitment to an active, healthy lifestyle that is represented in its product line of high-quality, premium smoothies and juices. Booster Juice is the healthy alternative - not only compared to fast food but to other smoothie and juice bars as well. But don't worry; along with our commitment to health, we certainly have not forgotten the need to deliver an incredibly delicious taste. Co-founders Jon Amack and Dale Wishewan created Booster Juice to be a vital part of the solution to the increasing problem of inactive and overweight youth and adults which faces our nation today. In addition to the best all-natural smoothies and juices, "we also provide a limited but incredible sandwich offering including chicken or veggie Panini's, tuna wraps and chicken quesadillas - and this nutritious and diverse menu sets us apart from other competitive offerings" said Wishewan.

The Booster Juice Store

Along with premium juices and smoothies "Our stores, staff training and healthy culture give people an energizing experience designed to motivate our customers to turn off that TV, go for a quick walk or workout and skip the dessert" says Amack. From a growth standpoint the Booster Juice concept has tremendous potential. The stores are simple and efficient to operate and occupy minimal space. They are architecturally designed for efficiency, speed and that signature motivating customer experience with high-energy colors, great music and talented staff. The core product - Booster Juice smoothies - are designed and ideally suited to today's increasingly time starved consumers.

The Booster Juice Customer

The Booster Juice customer is very loyal and visits a Booster Juice store as often as 4 times per week. Many are well educated, motivated, high-energy, and continue to strive toward a better overall quality of life. Our customers range from mothers on the go, elementary and high-school students, professionals, college students, athletes and active health-conscious individuals who are seeking a nutritious alternative to a fast food world.

Franchise Opportunities

Another differentiator is the culture that the founders are dedicated to retaining. They believe that true success in life starts with believing in what you do every day, and having the passion and drive to follow through with it. We're looking for entrepreneurs that share our passion for the industry, our commitment to excellence and customer service, and willingness to follow our successful business model for operating a highly successful juice and smoothie store.

  • Single/Multi-Unit Franchisee - Own and operate one or more Booster Juice stores in an area. We are seeking individuals with the drive and motivation to enjoy life and spread their passion to their staff and customers for years to come.
  • Regional / Master Developer (Not available in Canada) - If you have a successful business history, strong financial backing and the desire to develop and support a regional territory, this option may be right for you. Minimum development schedules apply. Master Developers are available in many countries. Regional Developer offerings are for the US only.

Franchise Benefits

  • Turnkey store development, design, permit, management of contractors, store setup
  • Top of the line equipment - with focus on labor efficiency, customer experience, speed of service and low on-going maintenance
  • Support with site selection and lease negotiation
  • Highest quality ingredients and a established distribution system for lower product cost
  • Shared buying power internationally
  • Proprietary, proven recipes
  • 2 weeks training and ongoing field management support
  • Complete operations manual
  • Comprehensive marketing & merchandising programs
  • Cutting edge new product development
  • Incredible branded product line

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