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Barmetrix is a world leader in profit control solutions for the hospitality industry. We specialize in working with bar owners and managers to harvest hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits that are already in the business. We accomplish this by utilizing our unique and proprietary software to measure current business performance, setting clear goals with management and then activating the entire team to hit stretching profit targets. Barmetrix combines accurate information with high impact staff training to provide real solutions to our clients.

In our 10th year of development and global corporate expansion into three continents, Barmetrix is proud to announce the completion of our Franchise Program. For the first time ever, qualified candidates are now afforded the opportunity to join us in business by using our revolutionary profit enhancing solutions in order to build their own successful and thriving businesses. Operating since 1999, Barmetrix has earned a long history of renewal and retention of clients, which demonstrates market confidence in our ability to deliver results and quickly become 'part of the team'. We are a company with a proven history of helping hospitality businesses to harvest more profit and increase customer satisfaction simultaneously. It's a win-win relationship that we invite you to embark on.

Selection Process

Our success to date has been a result of attracting excellent people to the Barmetrix business. We intend to continue that trend through our franchises. Arriving at suitable new Barmetrix business owners is an extremely important decision - one which involves a careful interview and approval process. Though it may prove useful in several applications, a background in hospitality is not imperative due to the strength of our comprehensive training program (see details below). Having said that, not everyone who applies for a franchise will be successful with their application. What Barmetrix finds most appealing in an applicant is one who has the necessary entrepreneurial drive, management skills, financial means and dedication to meet our objectives for mutual success! To submit an application for a BARMETRIX franchise, please click the request information link below.

Training Program

In addition to an intensive six week Barmetrix Training Program, comprising both in-class and practical training, fully comprehensive manuals have also been developed for your induction into Barmetrix. Add to this our online learning system, and you'll start to get a picture of how we ensure our team has the competitive edge. The franchisee will learn directly from senior management, on all aspects of the business - from the use of our proprietary software and systems, to business development and sales and consulting. The Barmetrix Training Program is followed by regular additional educationals on an array of subjects to further the knowledge and development of the franchisee. Ongoing education in your field of expertise is key to your success and we're here to help you achieve your goals!

Support Team

With corporate offices in Australia, USA, UK and Canada we have you covered. Daily support ranging from operations, training, business consulting, technology, sales and marketing to human resources is offered when and where needed. Telecommunications and phenomenal technology advancements allow us to support you at all times. In addition to daily support, Barmetrix holds regular conferences where new ideas, information, suggestive communication tools and industry educationals are given and a forum for experiences between franchisees is held. It is a great opportunity to meet with senior management and discuss one-on-one your personal business needs and share your successes with all.

Why choose Barmetrix?

Seven Reasons to Choose Barmetrix

  1. Support during the decision making process

    Barmetrix wants to help you make an informed decision on your future. We will discuss every aspect of the business with you, from staff training to lifestyle changes, as well as introduce you to other franchisees who can give you first-hand information and advice on being a franchisee. This is a big decision and making the right choice is imperative.

  2. Franchisee training

    A complete training program will be professionally coordinated and structured to suit your specific training needs. Your training will include in-house administration, marketing, operations, management and staff training. Best of all, we offer ongoing training and education to supply you with a steady flow of information to keep you on top of your game. From getting you up to speed to advanced subjects; when you need it most we will be there to help you!

  3. A company dedicated to research and development

    Barmetrix is fully committed to Research and Development and will continue to evolve our tools and process. The world of business is constantly evolving and the pace increases each year. Our head office team is proud of the systems we have (which place us light years ahead of our competition) but are never satisfied, constantly making improvements and developing new systems to strengthen our offer.

  4. Team selection and training

    Some Barmetrix offices employ over 20 part-time and full-time staff while others operate as a "one man show". Selecting and employing the right people to run a successful business is a cruical task. Staff recruitment criteria and guidelines are laid out for you to follow. Help and advice from our Franchise Support Team is only a phone call away.

  5. Part of an elite team

    When it comes to customer service and value for money, Barmetrix prides itself on being the best in the business! Our head office works relentlessly to find new and exciting ways to improve service to our clients but the real secret to our success is in our franchisees, senior consultants and account managers. Barmetrix has a wonderful team atmosphere and together there are not many issues that we cannot solve.

  6. You're in business 'for yourself' but not 'by yourself'

    Statistics prove that starting a small business is not easy. That is why franchising has proven to be a success for so many people. The Barmetrix system offers group support and continued open and honest communication. It also offers training in general business practices such as bookkeeping, sales and other key functions that will determine your success. However, it's always important to understand the risks. So before entering into a Barmetrix franchise it is important you understand your obligations, and both the 'up side' and 'down side' of being part of a franchised group.

  7. Direct access to the top

    Barmetrix is committed to the success of all of our franchisees and employees. The entire team is here to help you achieve your goals. If for any reason you did not feel that you were getting the right answers fast enough, you are asked to call our Managing Director, Sean Finter on his direct mobile number for immediate resolution. All new franchisees are given his number and encouraged to use it when they feel it necessary. Sean does not believe in bureaucracy or wasting time. There is a solution to every issue and together we will find it.

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