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Our track record of serving delicious Baby Back Ribs, Mouth Watering Grilled Mesquite Chicken and of course "The Worlds Best Barbecue Since 1950" speaks for itself. Bar-B-Cutie is in it's third and fourth generation of family ownership. After being in business successfully for over 50 years we are now offering opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to own and operate their own Bar-B-Cutie restaurant.

Then...And NOW!

Bar-B-Cutie® has quite a story as any business would that had actually made it in business for 55 years. Like any business we have made mistakes but the good news is we have made the mistakes for our franchisees. If it could be tried we tried it and if our way did not work we improved it.

Bar-B-Cutie opened it's doors back in 1950 on Murfreesboro Road in Nashville, Tennessee serving short orders (known today as fast food) and the best Bar-B-Q found anywhere, using car hops to deliver our delicious food to our customers' automobiles. A small dining room accommodated 16 to 20 guests.

Eddie and Mildred McFarland purchased the restaurant in 1958, expanding the menu with Southern Comfort Foods, adding a much larger dining area and the business began to prosper beyond their expectations. Bar-B-Cutie soon became a family affair and now the McFarland Family is enjoying its third generation of management.

After several years of prospering we knew we had the right stuff and knew it was time to grow. We knew the Bar-B-Cutie® concept could work in Anytown, USA but we also knew we wanted owner/operators. We knew we could train people to execute the concept, so in 2003 we started our franchise and support company.

We now are poised to grow our BRAND in the U.S. as well as internationally. We know this because our food is great and our pricing is reasonable and when you put that in a clean and comfortable atmosphere coupled with superb service you have a winner. We truly care about our franchisees as well as our combined customers. We welcome you to take a closer look at our franchise opportunity!

We want to thank you ahead of time for taking the time to find out more about how you can obtain a slice of the American dream by owning a Bar-B-Cutie® restaurant. Bar-B-Cutie ® wants potential franchisees to fully understand what they are getting into. Our style is to lay the cards out on the table so you can make a well informed decision. When you have been in business for 55 years you understand how things work and that is why we are so proud to offer you the opportunity to join our franchise family.

How long is the training program?

Bar-B-Cutie® understands that your training is the most important part of the equation so we put a lot of energy into making sure you understand each and every step that you will need to take to run a Bar-B-Cutie® restaurant. Our training program is for 4 weeks minimum. You will spend three weeks training at multiple stores in the Nashville trade area (our headquarter location) and then we will send a team to come in and help you get your store open. We then make follow up compliance & support visits throughout the year.

How long will it take us to open our store?

The timeline for getting your store open varies. Construction and Up fitting your store could take between 90 days to as long as 6 months. Our team supports you throughout this process.

What types of franchises do you offer?

We have three opportunities. We prefer single store franchise agreements. This allows us to focus one store at a time but we also welcome area developers and master franchisors.

Do you help us with site selection?

We don't choose your location as nobody knows the real estate in town better than a local broker and you. We do approve sites and offer suggestions. With rent rates being so high now days we like to not bite off what does not make the numbers work so we advise our franchisees to look at hot spots that are 2400 to 3000 square feet. The drive thru portion of our business is strong. Therefore, when looking at properties we also advise you to look for easy access with a drive thru window capability.

Do you give us a business plan and get us financed?

Because we follow all FTC guidelines, we cannot provide you with a business plan. We also feel our approved franchisees grow thru the process of developing their own business plan. A true business plan can't be completed until the franchise has been granted and the location approved and all costs figured into the plan. We have sources that can offer financing but we can only give you the contacts. Lenders are looking first at the franchisor and their track record. Bar-B-Cutie has one of the strongest track records in today's world of franchising.

Why should we choose Bar-B-Cutie® over the other opportunities?

  • 55 Years in business
  • Great Food
  • Crystal Clean Environment
  • Owners that care about their franchisees
  • Constant BRAND development
  • Low start-up considering volume potential
  • Entry level as company is just now expanding nationally
  • Training & Support
  • ROI

Thanks again for your interest in Bar-B-Cutie®.

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