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Company Background

610 AD - Northern Italian monk makes the first pretzel by rolling leftover scraps of dough into the shape of his students' arms folded in prayer. He baked the dough to a golden brown and called the treats pretiolas, which means little rewards

February 1988 - Anne Beiler buys market stand in a Downingtown, Pennsylvania Farmer's Market, selling the Original pretzel and lemonade

March 1989 - Auntie Anne's begins franchising - Saturday's Market, Harrisburg, PA

November 1989 - Auntie Anne's opens its first regional mall location - Park City Center, Lancaster, PA

June 1992 - Auntie Anne's opens its 100th store - Granite Run Mall, Media, PA

October 1992 - Auntie Anne's opens its first airport location - Pittsburgh International, Pittsburgh, PA

May 1995 - Auntie Anne's introduces Dutch Ice®, a refreshing iced beverage

June 1995 - Auntie Anne's opens its first train station location - Penn Station, New York, NY

July 1995 - Auntie Anne's goes international with its first store opening in Jakarta, Indonesia

December 1995 - Auntie Anne's opens its first location in Manila, Philippines

Summer 1996 - Auntie Anne's opens its first stores in Malaysia and Singapore

April 1998 - Auntie Anne's opens its first store in Bangkok, Thailand

December 1998 - Created as the giving arm for the Company, the Angela Foundation's focus is to provide financial support to organizations that care for children and families at their time of need

October 1999 - Auntie Anne's introduces Auntie Anne's At-Home® Pretzel Kit

December 1999 - Auntie Anne's pledges to be corporate sponsor for Children's Miracle Network

December 1999 - Auntie Anne's launches test concept, Cookie Farm®-- Test concluded in 2001

Fall 2000 - Auntie Anne's opens its first stores in Venezuela and Hong Kong

Summer/Fall 2001 - Auntie Anne's opens its first stores in South Korea and Saudi Arabia

October 2001 - Auntie Anne's launches test concept, Auntie Anne's Cre-ámo® Classic Cones

November 2001 - Auntie Anne's opens 700th location at Broadway Mall, Hicksville, NY

Spring/Fall 2002 - Auntie Anne's opens its first stores in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Taiwan

October 2002 - Anne Beiler pens her storybook autobiography - Auntie Anne, My Story

November 2002 - Company launches Online store - Auntie Anne's @yourdoor

January 2003 - Auntie Anne's, Inc. unveils new corporate logo

February 2003 - Auntie Anne's, Inc. turns 15!

March 2003 - Auntie Anne's hand-rolled, soft pretzels are named the "Preferred Pretzel of the Philadelphia Eagles"

June 2003 - Dutch Treats, a frozen beverage line, makes its debut in Auntie Anne's pretzel stores

June 2003 - Auntie Anne's celebrates its 100th International store opening in Thailand

November 2003 - Auntie Anne's Café opens in Willow Street, Pennsylvania

April 2004 - Auntie Anne's stores welcome Pretzel Dogs to their line-up

July 2004 - Auntie Anne's Smart BitesTM - one net carb per bite pretzel product makes its debut in stores

Franchising Opportunities

Thank you for visiting the Auntie Anne's franchising web site. Auntie Anne's is seeking qualified individuals to become United States franchisees. Even if you have no previous franchising experience, Auntie Anne's can help you own your own business.

Auntie Anne's has been franchising since 1989, with over 850 locations worldwide. Auntie Anne's receives thousands of franchise inquiries each year from people interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities.

Auntie Anne's is seeking business partners who demonstrate their commitment to operational and product excellence. Those applicants who exemplify these characteristics may soon find themselves in the Auntie Anne's Family Stories.

Auntie Anne's will provide you with the important tools and support needed to develop the Auntie Anne's concept, including:

  • Training for you and your staff at Auntie Anne's Pretzel University
  • Ongoing field support
  • Access to our confidential manuals, training videos, marketing materials, and many more valuable resources

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