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ZEROVOC is a "one-of-a-kind" protective water sealer and is the result of years of research based upon advanced reactive siliconate technology. It is in a class by itself and differs greatly from other water repellents and water sealers on the market.

This business has a proven potential of making $25,000 a month (and more) with a new Waterproofing Sealer Technology that makes these materials and structures Look Like New and Stay Looking Like New far longer than any product or process on the market...GUARANTEED!

Some of the Advantages of Being a Factory Licensed Dealer or Applicator for Zerovoc Technology are:

  • State-of-the-art technology developed by a renown molecular scientist and available for the 1st time in the USA
  • Equipment designed to do the work quickly and efficiently
  • Protected territories, NO FRANCHISE FEES OR ROYALTIES
  • Affordable start-up costs that include equipment, materials and training
  • Financing options available, WAC
  • Tremendous earning potential; $1,800 a day profit is typical in the industry for a (2) person crew with (1) equipment package
  • Simple business, contract labor does the actual "work," you concentrate on running the business
  • A High-Value Sellable Business to Help Secure Your Financial Future

Here are the Facts:

Residential Market

Fact 1: There are over 109 million residential concrete driveways and sidewalks in this country!

Fact 2: There are over 30 million wood decks in the USA!

Fact 3: There are over 1.5 million new wood decks being built every year!

Fact 4: There are 21 million wood fences in this country with over 2 million being built every year!

All these structures have something in common. They all become dirty and begin to deteriorate immediately after they are constructed. The only way to control this deterioration is by keeping them clean, protect them from fungus & mildew, keep out moisture and protect them from the sun's damaging UV rays. The ONLY way to keep these structures protected is to keep them waterproofed and sealed against the harsh elements of nature. Most wood and concrete/masonry sealers do not work well and last no longer than 6 months to 2 years MAX! ZEROVOC Protective Sealers and Cleaners will restore and keep these structures looking like new for over 30 years on most materials, GUARANTEED!

Who Will Need Your Services?

The largest residential customer base for a wood, concrete and masonry care professional is the demographic group between 34-62 years of age. These consumers own their own homes and have a total income higher than the national average. What does this means to you? Your target customer has the need and the disposable income to hire a restoration and preservation professional.

Become a Wood, Concrete and Masonry Care professional for enhanced earnings, security, stability and independence.

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