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What is Women's Edition Magazine?

Women's Edition magazine is a monthly, glossy publication that targets active women ages 25 to 54+ in the middle to upper income levels. Women's Edition was started in Omaha, Nebraska and has been successfully publishing there since June of 1986. Women's Edition has since expanded and is currently publishing in nine other markets.

Who should invest in a Women's Edition franchise?

A Women's Edition magazine franchise may be the perfect match for an entrepreneur looking for a business management/sales business. We are looking for owner/operators only. No publishing, art or writing experience is necessary. Sales ability is a must! This can be accomplished by the owner or by employing a highly qualified sales person. The city you plan on working in, must have a minimum population of 250,000.

What does a Women's Edition franchise provide me?

By investing in a Women's Edition franchise, you will share in the economies of our publishing group. Each month, we will produce and print a magazine for your local territory, to include providing the front cover and a large majority of the editorial. You will be responsible for a limited number of "localized" stories which will feature local businesses in your city, following a simple, clear format...and the sales of the advertising.

Why shouldn't I just start my own magazine?

Statistics show that most magazines fail within the first six months of publishing. Others struggle along for a few years, rarely showing a profit. In Omaha, since Women's Edition has been publishing, there have been over ten different local magazines that have come and gone.

By joining our publishing group, you will be provided support from our marketing, sales and art & editorial departments. You will be mentored by people who have years of experience in making Women's Edition successful.

Why should I buy a Women's Edition franchise?

  • We Provide Professional Advertising Sales Training (Sales Experience Necessary)
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Professionally Publishing for over 20 years
  • Business to Business (work when others work, play when others play)
  • Minimal Employees
  • No Spoilage!

How do I learn how to run my Women's Edition franchise?

With our training and ongoing support, we will provide you the opportunity to develop all the tools and systems you'll need to run your Women's Edition Franchise. Women's Edition provides ongoing support and training, in all areas, for a long as you own your franchise.

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