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Window Genie offers a variety of affordable services which add beauty and value to your home. We take great pride caring for your home, which is why all work is performed by trained and experienced professionals, using only the finest equipment and supplies. Our technicians are licensed, insured and bonded and can work around your busy schedule. We also provide estimates that are at no cost or obligation.

Would you like the freedom and ability to guide your future?

Do you desire the rewards and satisfaction of a job well done?

Do you feel you should be compensated for the extra effort you put in?

Would having more control of your time be important to you?

These are questions that most people would easily answer yes to! The problem is where do I turn, and with so many choices, how do I decide.

Assuming that owning and controlling a thriving business is something you desire,

1. Why a franchise over starting a business from scratch?

Increase Your Odds for Success!

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, only 62% of independent businesses make it through the first year versus 96% of franchises. Surprisingly, a recent Gallop Poll found that after 5 years only 23% of independent businesses are still left, compared with an astounding 94% of franchise businesses. Franchise buyers are following a blueprint to pattern their business from. They are able to visit and observe a franchise business in operation. They also benefit from volume buying, customized programs and down the road, have access to information regarding industry trends and changes.

A franchise with a proven operating history is more likely to succeed than an independent business. Franchises have many benefits such as:

  1. High Success Rates
  2. Proven Techniques & Ideas
  3. Franchise Name Recognition
  4. Training & Technical Assistance
  5. Marketing & Advertising Support
  6. Trademarks, Patents & Designs
  7. Networking with other Franchise Owners

The consumer likes franchised businesses because they offer name recognition, reliability and a higher quality of service over the typical independent operation. The average life span of independent cleaning businesses is only 18 months. For those who desire to be in business for themselves, franchising offers a support system that will assist them as their business grows.

2. Why choose a Cleaning franchise?

Repeat Business!!!

The market potential for cleaning franchises, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is exploding. Cleaning services are expected to be the second largest source of new jobs for the period of 1994 to 2005*, fueled by an increase in two-income households. The U.S. Department of Commerce believes 80% of two-income households currently use an outside cleaning service. With both spouses working, they have less free time and rather than give up leisure activities, they turn to an outside cleaning service to perform these tasks for them. This is especially true in households where both individuals are in their wage earning prime and can easily afford and justify this extra expense.

The cleaning industry has grown to over 50 billion dollars per year.**

Many economists agree that most businesses in the service sector will remain strong, even during economic slowdowns. Most of this growth is due to the fact that regular cleanings are an on-going need with an obvious potential for repeat business. This should mean a strong future for the cleaning industry as it continues to grow and may ultimately share top billing with the restaurant industry.** The residential cleaning industry offers additional advantages. Unlike commercial janitorial and carpet cleaning franchises that require evening and weekend work, residential cleaning is typically performed Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. This weekday schedule provides the franchise owner with free time to enjoy their family and personal interests.

3. Why purchase a Window Genie franchise?

Unique Opportunity!

Window Genie services three separate industries that as a whole are relatively untapped. It is a service that is typically not performed by maid services. They are services and products that are not marketed aggressively. It is also a business whose potential has yet to be realized on the national level, leaving tremendous opportunity. As a Window Genie franchisee, you will learn to set-up and run a business from a team of professionals who know and understand the business. It is an opportunity designed around managing people ... and building a succesful business.

Window Genie will guide you every step of the way!

We know the importance of understanding the expectations of prospective franchisees. The Window Genie franchise program offers many advantages:

  1. Home based.
  2. Opportunity for repeat business. Windows become dirty even after just a few weeks and decks need to be cleaned every two years.
  3. Minimal receivables.
  4. Limited inventory.
  5. A broad market which includes large and small homes, condominiums, apartment communities, new construction and homes for sale.
  6. More than one service to offer to customers.
  7. The saying "I don't do windows" leaves those businesses that do, a unique opportunity.
  8. A service business that has yet to be dominated by a national franchise.
  9. Unlike franchises that are strictly window cleaning, pressure washing or window film, a Window Genie franchise packages all three services into one complete system.

We're experienced... we've been at it for years!

Our original operating company began in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been servicing the tri-state area with a population of over 1.5 million people. Our experienced staff knows the business and is always ready to assist you. As a Window Genie franchisee, you will be offering cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers in this ever-growing market. These services will include:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Concrete and Brick Cleaning and Sealing
  • Window Film Sales & Installation
  • Patio Cleaning and Sealing
  • Deck Cleaning and Sealing
  • House Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning

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