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Earn A Nice Six Figure Income in a Recession Proof Industry

Become an Independent Equipment Lease Broker

American businesses need equipment. Equipment Manufactures need sales. We have the Funding Sources to finance the equipment to be leased.

Wildwood-Trained Brokers are the Brokers in the middle of all this activity.

Are you looking for a business that:

  • Offers A Potential 6-Figure Income
  • Is a perfect Home-Based Business
  • No Weekends or Nights
  • Requires No Employees, No Inventory, And No Royalties.
  • No Traveling
  • Equipment Vendors have a perpetual need for Lease Companies.
  • Funding Sources have a constant need to provide funds.
  • You will be qualified to thrive at the crossroads of this dynamic business environment by Wildwood's support, funding sources, and training!
  • Requires a Minimal Monthly Overhead (Only $300 - $500).
  • Offers Tremendous Repeat Business

Stop The Rush Hour Commute

  • You will WORK FROM HOME or a small office.
  • You'll start full-time or part-time. It's your choice.
  • A phone, fax, and computer are about all you'll need.
  • You will be supported by Wildwood's Certified Lease Professionals.
  • You will attend a 3-day Wildwood Financial Training session in St. Louis.
  • You'll be given access to Premier Funding Sources.


  1. PREMIER FUNDING SOURCES: You will have access to a large group of Funding Sources who have agreed to waive their minimum-time-in-business requirements because you are Wildwood-Trained and supported...

  2. SUPERIOR TRAINING AND SUPPORT: During your training, you will receive preparation to enter the equipment lease-finance business immediately. In addition, you will receive a lifetime of support that starts with six months of proactive coaching by our staff of Certified Lease Professionals (CLP).

You will be able to lease all types of equipment:

Like The phone system, the bulldozer, hospital equipment. Computer systems, the punch press, the copy machine. Companies require these things, and much more, just to do business. You can choose the field you are most comfortable with.

Your Training includes:

  • Financing Fundamentals.
  • Applied Leasing.
  • Lease Brokering.
  • Marketing.
  • Sales Techniques.
  • Backroom.

To become a Wildwood trained Lease/Finance Broker you will invest your time and $34,950.00 of your money. The question, "What will I get for my money?" has entered your mind. We know it has. It's a totally reasonable question.

Two Major Advantages

Gaining "Two to three years of your business life," is the first part of the answer. "A professional career in a growth industry with a realistic opportunity to earn a six-figure income while working from your home or small office," is the other part. As a matter of fact, you could probably qualify for the second part of the above by working full-time for a leasing company for two to three years, and then going out on your own.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Wildwood Financial Group, Ltd. has sufficient confidence in the value of their program that they make the following guarantee: If, immediately after completion of the three-day Wildwood Seminar, the trainee-Broker does not feel that the Wildwood program is everything it was represented to be, all moneys paid to Wildwood will be refunded in full.

What is the single most important aspect of the Wildwood program?

Without question, Wildwood's lifetime support is the most important aspect.

We contact our Consultants at least once a week for the first six months to ensure that they are staying on the road to profitability and success. Our goal is to remind Brokers that if they practice the exact methods recommended, success will follow. Beyond six months, Brokers can contact Wildwood for assistance regarding any aspect of their business. We answer all inquiries immediately, if further research is needed, we will locate the information and call back, very quickly. This support continues perpetually and is provided at no additional cost!

What's the second most important aspect of this program?

Immediate access to premier Funding Sources is the second most important aspect. These are considered to be the best, most respected Funding Sources in the entire industry. They do not normally deal with people who are new to equipment leasing because they don't want or need the hassle. Yet they have, in effect, agreed to waive their years-in-business restrictions for all Wildwood-Trained and supported Brokers.

What's the third most important aspect?

Wildwood's three days of intensive training is the critical foundation of the entire program.

First, Wildwood-Trained Brokers are shown that leasing is not mysterious, but merely the most popular way to help companies of all types obtain the equipment they need to succeed and grow. FACT: More commercial equipment is financed through leasing than via all bank loans combined.

Second, Brokers are shown how to develop relationships with dealers and vendors, helping them sell more of whatever equipment they're marketing -- through lease financing. In three days of classes, Brokers are given the basic knowledge, tools, and resources needed to become expert in one or more areas of equipment leasing. Brokers choose either an industry or industries they are familiar with, or industries they have always wanted to work in. Wildwood provides training in the basics of leasing, plus sales and marketing and all the "back room" paperwork details, too.

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