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"Discover a refuge in your own backyard.™"

Bluebirds aren't really blue... they just look like they are.

Most bird colorations are due to pigments deposited in their feathers. A Northern Cardinal is red because of the red pigment called carotenoids. Crows are black because their feathers contain a dark pigment called melanin.

In contrast, Bluebirds do not have a single molecule of blue pigment in any of their feathers. So where does that brilliant blue color come from?

The answer is that the color is not produced by a pigment, but by the structure of the feather. The top transparent layer of each Bluebird feather is filled with miniscule pockets of air. When sunlight strikes these pockets, all of the other visible wavelengths of light are absorbed. Only blue escapes and it is scattered in all directions. This same scattering process, created by atmospheric dust particles, is also what makes the sky appear blue.

Who is Wild Birds Unlimited?

Wild Birds Unlimited is the first and largest franchise system of retail stores catering to the backyard bird feeding hobbyist. We opened our first store in 1981 and we now have more than 300 stores throughout North America.

Our franchisees are completely dedicated to our mission:

We Bring People and Nature Together®

When you visit our stores, expect to find the finest in bird and nature attracting products and advice, and an unmatched pleasant shopping experience.

The Mission of Wild Birds Unlimited:
"We bring people and nature together
and we do it with excellence."

The difference between what we offer and what other retailers offer goes far beyond what we sell. It's who we are. Wild Birds Unlimited stores function as a true community resource: we provide valuable knowledge about the birdfeeding hobby and deliver a unique and pleasant shopping experience. We bring people and nature together by creating an environment that allows you to build on your strengths as well as tap into ours. We provide the training, tools and systems that allow you to achieve your dream of owning and operating your own business.

If you dream of combining your backyard bird feeding hobby and a business
If you love the adventure of retail
If you love spending your days with nice people
If you are entrepreneurial
If you are willing to work hard
If you are energetic, friendly and outgoing

Then the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise opportunity might be a fit for you.

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