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The Whole Child Learning Company offers a refreshing change in the franchise and education marketplace today.

The Whole Child Learning Company's focus lies in helping you develop a large and profitable territory. You are not limited to just one enrichment program! The territories are the largest in the industry; yet well within the ability of an individual to manage without sacrificing a great lifestyle. Our educational enrichment programs are taught on site in existing childcare centers, preschools and private schools. This is a great advantage, as a franchise doesn't have the extra expense of leasing or buying a commercial location.

If you are creative, enthusiastic and love children, this may be the opportunity for you!

You receive a turnkey business and everything you need to get started

  • Laptop Computer and resource software
  • All start up materials and more
  • Extensive training at our location and on site
  • Our entire franchise operating system provided through our proprietary training and operations manuals
  • Lowest start up costs of any enrichment franchise

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to create the largest, fastest growing and most profitable franchise partners in our industry. We accomplish this through establishing larger territories that make sense for you and your own regional coverage. Our proprietary sales and marketing system delivers fast growth and is easy to implement. We are with you every step of the way.

The Whole Child Learning Company has on staff highly qualified educators developing new programs. These new programs will be available to current franchisees at no additional cost! In essence, your business can easily reflect the ever-changing landscape in business and education.

We have several growing company owned franchises enabling us to easily test market any new idea or program. We know franchisees don't need to risk time and profitability on programs that won't succeed. Our company owned franchises also allow us to continually improve our existing programs.


We offer a very unique on site training package. We come to you and assist you in establishing your business. We teach you "hands on" in your market, establishing new business as you learn. This saves franchisees a great deal of time and money. We know this is the most effective and productive method of training available in the education enrichment industry. Our proven marketing system will give you rapid growth in a short period of time.

  • No commercial location to maintain
  • Very low startup cost
  • Extensive initial training and ongoing support
  • Continuous curriculum development by our Educator Development Team
  • The most innovative enrichment programs available
  • Multiple disciplines offer maximum flexibility in the marketplace
  • Very low overhead / Home managed

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