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More Than a Franchise ~ A Legacy
"The Leader in Furniture Repair and Restoration"

The Opportunity

The art of furniture repair and restoration presents the opportunity for a rewarding and satisfying business. The overall market potential is very exciting with a variety of revenue sources including the moving and storage industry, retail and wholesale furniture suppliers, warranty programs, and commercial property management.

The Weathersby Guild specializes in furniture repair and restoration to the moving and transfer damage claims industry, which alone constitutes an annual market potential of more than a hundred million dollars nationally. In most metropolitan areas, the potential revenues from moving claims measure in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To help our franchisees reach this specialized market, the Weathersby Guild offers several specific advantages.


For THREE GENERATIONS, the Weathersby Guild has provided the highest level of quality and service to the field of furniture repair and restoration arts. Our reputation is unexcelled and our commitment to craftsmanship and service has become legendary to the industry.

Established Relationships

A great challenge for any start-up business is developing new accounts. Over the years, the Weathersby Guild has cultivated and nurtured relationships with many of THE INDUSTRY'S MOST RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED NAMES. Our franchise owners will have opportunities to enter market areas where established clients are already seeking our services.

Training and Mentoring

The demands for quality repair and restoration in the moving and transfer damage claims industry require particular expertise that can only be attained through specialized training. OUR 19- to 21-DAY TRAINING PROGRAM is not a touch-up course. You will begin your adventure with the Weathersby Guild as a highly skilled craftsman and benefit from our ongoing mentoring program.

Short-Term Return On Investment

Our initial franchise fee is very attractive by comparison to other franchise offerings, and our royalty program is simple and easy to follow. The Weathersby Guild investment plan is deliberately structured to allow you to recover your investment and guide you into PROFITABILITY IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME.

Franchise Training & Mentoring

At the Weathersby Guild, learning is a never-ending process. The hallmark of the Weathersby Guild is our focus on skill level and craftsmanship. The demand for quality in the moving and transfer damage claims industry requires a level of expertise which exceeds other service-oriented businesses. The Guild model represents our vision of continued growth in our craft. We believe that happiness and career satisfaction extend beyond profits alone.

Franchisees enter our 19- to 21-day training course in Atlanta, Georgia. They learn the art of furniture repair and restoration under the tutelage of master craftsmen, who provide on-the-job training through actual repair visits in the Atlanta area. Upon completion of the initial training course, apprentices become journeymen repairmen. At that point, they are qualified in all aspects of the furniture repair arts - but their training does not stop there. Through our ongoing mentoring program, franchisees continue to grow and learn skills and techniques under the oversight of our master craftsmen. Over time, journeymen repairmen qualify to receive craftsmen designations, and finally master craftsmen designations.

Because the Weathersby Guild specializes in servicing the household goods moving industry, our curriculum includes extensive instruction in damage claims handling procedures. Instructors are experienced claims adjusting professionals who provide thorough training in the best methods and approaches used by the moving and transfer damage claims industry.

Skills labs include instruction in the use of water-based and other environmentally friendly products to serve the needs of commercial property managers. Classroom courses include instruction in the areas of interpersonal skills, information technology, and marketing.

After graduation from the educational program, franchisees continue to be updated on new techniques through trade-specific publications, forums and conferences. The Weathersby Guild maintains a professional standards committee which is responsible for continuing education and mentoring.

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