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Could You Use a Few Thousand Dollars Extra Every Month?

Talk About A Sweet Opportunity!

You can be your own boss, set your own hours and make an outstanding income at the same time with Wacky Fun Factory's candy vending machines. Take the Wowie Zowie, a gumball machine that's so much more. Billed as: "entertainment vending at its best," the machine features attention grabbing graphics, music and an action packed kinetic gumball show. Our kinetic gum or candy machines feature a customizable sound chip, live action, music and much more. The Wowie Zowie Gum Machine is the best in the industry!

How Does the Wacky Work?

Out of sheer curiosity...kids and adults will line up around the Wacky Fun Factory waiting to put in their money. It's the attention grabbing graphics, music and fascinating design of the machine that attracts the crowd. The money drops, the handle turns, a train whistle blows and suddenly the crowd is treated to a kinetic entertainment show that transforms a little piece of candy into a spellbinding acrobatic missile.

New Financing Plan Available

  • Financing available for new or used equipment
  • Bundle multiple products
  • Immediate turn around on all applications
  • Flexible payment schedules

In the last hour, while you have been surfing the Internet, over 15 million quarters went into vending machines in the United States alone. These passive income producers allow their owners to enjoy the profits, while machines are working 24 hours a day!

Benefits of Becoming A Wacky Fun Factory Operator:

  • Small Capital Investment
  • Our Expertise Provided - Your success means our success!
  • Average Time Spent Per Week - 5 hours!
  • Low Risk - You can build your business part-time without having to quit your current job.

Success Story

My name is Kim Harris, I have owned and operated 10 Xtreme Sportsblaster machines in southeastern Idaho for approximately 2 1/2 years along with a variety of other candy and amusement games.

I have been more than satisfied with the quality and revenue of the equipment. My best machines earn between $800 and $900 per month. My least successful machines earn between $300 and $400 per month. My Gross Income on 10 machines is approximately $6,000 per month.

They are not difficult to located because there is nothing like them in the coin-op industry.

I have equipment located in Pizza Restaurants, Youth Athletic Centers, Grocery Stores, and Bowling Centers. They do very well in these locations.

I would recommend this equipment to anyone interested in the coin-op industry.

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