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How Easy Is A Tini Toy Route To Run?

These examples used below are to help explain how the route operates and should not be used as a promise of sales or inducement to buy. Always be conservative with calculations that affect any numbers in a business transaction.

  1. Each distributor services their displays once a month by counting the toys remaining on the rack. For example, you placed a toy rack in service with 100 toys. The next month you return and you find 50 toys. You have sold 50 toys that month.
  2. Owners or managers, at the retail location, will sign the invoice stating the amount of toys sold or stocked.
  3. The retail location, when your display unit is placed, is responsible for any missing or unaccounted toys, and will pay you accordingly.
  4. Restocking of 50 toys will again give you a total of 100 toys on the display unit.
  5. Your professional locator or you yourself, will have set-up payment arrangements with the retailer during your marketing tour when your route was initially established.

Does The Business Have Good Foot Traffic?

If the answer is "YES", then that business has the potential of being a good retail location, and it is highly likely that the operator is looking for HIGH-IMPACT sales opportunities. The following is a list of some of the types of business that could be successful locations for Tini Toys, Inc.

Baseball Card Stores
Book Stores
Bowling Alleys
Bus Stations
Camping Facilities
Candy Stores
Car Washes
Card/Party Stores
Convenience Stores
Department Stores
Discount Stores
Drug Stores
Flea Markets
Gift Shops
Grocery Stores
Hardware Stores
Hobby Stores
Hospital Gift Shops
Hotel Gift Shops
Interstate Car Stops
Novelty Stores
Party Suppliers
Recreation Centers
Skating Rinks
Souvenir Stores
Tourist Attractions
Train Stations
Truck Stops
Variety Stores
Video Stores

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