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Our Lives Depend on Technology…Are you making the best technology decisions?

Welcome to TechsRX™

We have grown so reliant on technology that without its proper use the way we conduct our lives would come to a screeching halt.

How do we know we're making the best technology purchase decisions for our needs? Where do we turn when we realize we need help learning how to use a new appliance or computer system? Where do we turn when our computer freezes? What software programs should we be running to save time and money? We know we would feel more secure with a home security system, but where do we start? If you are like the majority of Americans, and even the global community, these needs arise almost every day. The increasing reliance on technology is creating enormous demand for a service company to help people understand and get maximum benefit from the use of technology.

TechsRX™ helps people make the right technology buying decisions, helps set up the purchased technology, delivers training on best practice uses of the technology, and provides ongoing service of the technology to ensure maximum benefit. TechsRX™ Area Developers DO NOT need to be technologists. They do need to be able to recognize one of the strongest sectors in the economy and have the foresight to act on participating in this market.

TechsRX™ sets itself apart by offering best practice Technical Services in the 6 critical technology categories:

  1. Computer Hardware
  2. Computer Software
  3. Computer Networks
  4. Audio/Video/Media
  5. Appliances/Electronics
  6. Security

TechsRX™ not only solves technical problems when and where it is most convenient for our clients, but has innovated membership education programs, best practice purchasing programs, preventative services, efficient use services, and much more to help businesses and consumers become comfortable with technology and get the maximum benefit from its use. TechsRX™ is the only solution we know of that helps clients both Get Well and Be Well with a wide array of technology. We have innovated a low-inventory, streamlined business model that allows our operators several levels of revenue development without the significant cost and hastle of a big box storefront. Our services are essential and our model is the most operator friendly available. For the consumer, TechsRX™ is the benefits of technology made easy. For the Franchisee, TechsRX™ represents enormous opportunity.
Russ McCabe, Founder

If you:

  • Want to align your business development or technical skills with a cutting-edge brand
  • Are looking for an opportunity in an essential market with a unique offering
  • Hope to improve your livelihood
  • Thrive on the passion of business ownership

60 Minutes recently highlighted the rapidly expanding nature of this market. Within the market, TechsRX™ is the right prescription - every time.

Two Growth Options; One Strong Brand

Area Development HUB Center

Who for:

  • People with development interest and expertise
  • People who are good with others
  • People with strong leadership skills
  • Those with capacity to develop a storefront outlet


  • Ability to own and develop an area using the unique TechsRX™ HUB model
  • Multiple income streams
  • Extremely strong growth potential
  • Clean, streamlined operation
  • Prestige of development ownership
  • Innovative model requires little inventory
  • Attractive start-up costs

Technical Specialist

Who for:

  • People with a technical skill in one of the six TechsRX™ service categories
  • People with the desire to be owner operators
  • People who value a peer network and the savings, assistance and learning such a network offers


  • Extremely low cost to entry
  • Focus on your passion without the risk of being an independent operator
  • Network learning and advancement opportunities
  • Extremely strong growth potential
  • Large market demands

Opportunities move quickly. Contact us today to learn more.

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