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  • Starting, purchasing and becoming a small business owner is poised to be the first choice of every school-going child for supplemental math education. An online initiative of Top Careers & You (TCY), specializes in school programs and standardized test preparation. delivers LIVE online homework help, high school programs, and test preparation for state and other exams, through its program 'STEPS'.

With a Huge demand for affordable, quality Math instruction, coupled with the company's competence to deliver, offers a high return business opportunity.

'STEPS' - Salient Features

  • One-on-one Live online tutoring on the white board
  • Homework help at the click of the mouse, from the security of your home
  • State aligned curriculum, assessments and individualized tutoring plan
  • Flexible - 24X7 tutoring
  • Affordable, with unique budgeted plans
  • Easy-to-use, voice and text chat enabled, technology
  • Experienced and highly qualified Math tutors and academic counselors.

Partnership Opportunity offers an effective Zero investment and a high return business proposition that opens for you the doors to profitability and a successful career ahead.

A low risk business offer allows you to dedicate your resources solely on marketing the online tutoring program and keeps your overheads significantly low. All other activities related to pre-tutoring, tutoring and post tutoring will be conducted by

Dedicated territories, assigned based on choice and availability of regions further takes care of your revenues.

By partnering with, you become a part of a rapidly growing online tutoring industry. You will enrich and shape the lives of children and at the same time experience continued growth in your revenues.

The TCY Advantage

Investing in a promising growth story

It is an exciting time in education industry, specifically at By partnering with, you would be investing in a promising growth story. Individuals with a thoughtful perspective and a desire to strengthen the roots of the society find partnering with personally and financially rewarding.

Rich Experience

With a vast tutoring experience of more than 2,500,000 tutoring hours, with deep understanding of the US education system and student needs, is determined to be at the top of the Ivy League of Education Services Providers. Our biggest strength is our ability to deliver what each child needs - well researched and individualized learning plan ensure that every child attains the next level of achievement.

Support provides high level of on-going support to their business associates to ensure that the business is up and running quickly and efficiently. The company has a 'think outside the square' approach to services and also encourages its business associates to think differently.

FREE Live online demo tutoring sessions offered act as a catalyst in closing the sale. 100% tutoring satisfaction expressed by parents and students further helps to spread the word about

Tutors tutors are kind, patient and care for the unique needs of each child. They are subject experts with excellent academic backgrounds and bring with them vast tutoring experience. Academic Counselors dedicated to a team of tutors, assure the highest level of quality standards.


"After weeks of online searching and speaking with numerous online tutoring services. My son Donald recently began tutoring sessions with STEPS and after the first few lessons it was evident that I had chosen the right company..."
Abronia Edwards M/o Donald 8th Grader

"They helped me to understand how and where I was doing wrong. And they explained me in way that I will never forget. I am improving now and doing questions more carefully."
Parth, A 6th Grader

"STEPS tutor helped me to gain confidence in my problem area, Algebra. It was an excellent class. She helped me understand with ease. Now I have started enjoying Math."
Kacy, A 10th Grader

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