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About Us

Yes, there are other cleaning franchise companies, but all have followed the same basic model developed over 20 years ago. Our executive management team built one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the country. Now we are doing it again, but this time only better with System4. We have created programs that make it less expensive for you to get started, earn more as a franchisee, and receive longevity discounts. At System4, our innovative ideas and programs are in line with our mission to focus on your complete success. We are not only providing a business opportunity, but we realize you are a "customer", and therefore, the focus of our business success.


Our mission is to create successful entrepreneurs in the commercial cleaning industry. Our success is defined by the satisfaction of our franchisees and retention of our customers. We have accomplished this through the design of investment packages, by providing on-going franchisee development and with support programs that focus on making you a successful and profitable entrepreneur. At System4 you are not just another franchisee among thousands, but an individual and valued owner-operator.


Our belief is that in a "services based" business like, commercial cleaning, people, systems and culture are the three most important items; the items that build true long-term value. People, and how they are supported, is what distinguishes great organizations from all others. We believe that by concentrating on the success and profitability of our franchisees, we can build the premier company in the industry. Efficient systems are the backbone of all successful companies. We feel very strongly that through the use of state of the art technologies, we can elevate franchisee support programs and customer service to higher levels. Finally, culture is the attitude we operate with. We know that an innovative, dynamic and proactive culture is what sets us apart and what will allow us to continue to evolve to meet franchisee and customer needs in the future.


We have a management staff that has over 50 years in the cleaning and franchise industries. This is a team of professionals that have managed over 32,000 cleaning customers and supported over 6,000 franchise owners. We have the experience of being a "franchisee"; so we know that you expect results and a value for your royalties. Our President/CEO, Phil Kubec, went from a franchisee to becoming the CEO of one of the largest commercial cleaning franchise companies in the world. This franchise is estimated to currently have worldwide revenues over $350 million dollars. Having had the opportunity of being one of the first master franchises, Phil and other members of our operating management understand the concern and excitement of starting your own business. In Phil's words, "We have been in your position before and we made that tentative first step in business ownership. We understand how frightening it can be. We also know that without that first step you will never fulfill your dreams. That is why we are committed to you, because your success is the only reason we are in business."

Services Offered

System 4 offers complete commercial cleaning services for a variety of facilities and industries:

  • Single Tenant Business Offices
  • Multi-Tenant Offices and Office Buildings
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Movie Theatres
  • Retail Facilities
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and/or Warehouse Facilities
  • Food Service and Restaurants
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Medical/Health Care Facilities
  • Educational Institutions and Training Centers
  • Fitness Clubs, Athletic Facilities and Stadiums
  • Financial Institutions

The types of services provided include general commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, trash disposal, window washing, wall cleaning, and other specialty cleaning services on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


Franchising is one of the most rapidly growing forms of business ownership and commercial cleaning franchises are one of the five most explosive categories and the fastest low dollar investment choice. The franchising industry has over a 90% success rate while starting your own business has only a 10% success rate. Why? It is actually quite simple, franchising provides a turn-key business opportunity. At System4 we take this a step further and provide you much more value so that we can reach our goal of making you successful and profitable.

System4 is different than all the other alternatives because we truly are a franchisee focused organization. Please see the following sections discussing Ownership Benefits, Our System and Support Provided so you can better understand how we are Giving a New Meaning to CLEAN!

Our System...A Turn-Key Business!

If you started your own business or even if you invested in most other franchises you must be a master three distinctly different skill sets. First, you must have an operators diligent and through personality; second, you must be an outgoing sales oriented personality and mentality to generate business; and third, you must be analytical enough to know how to set up your business, track and measure its progress and account for billings, payments, taxes, etc. At System 4 we let you focus on the business and we take care of sourcing customers, billing, collecting payment, filing taxes and providing numerous other benefits.

Guaranteed Customers

System4 will provide monthly gross revenues as a part of your initial franchise purchase according to your level of investment. These customers are conveniently located for you to service. Our business packages range from $6,000 to over $100,000 in gross annual revenue per year!

Comprehensive Training

System4 provides all the training you need to get started, therefore, you do not need any experience. We offer classroom and hands on training by industry experts who have extensive field experience. We supplement the hands-on training by providing training manuals and other useful information. We also offer refresher courses and certification programs for your continued success. All training is local, and with a flexible schedule, no travel is required.

Supplies and Equipment Included

System4 provides almost everything you need to get started, including initial supplies, equipment and customers. Whether you are investing in our entry-level package or in the top level, multi-person package, we provide the initial supplies, equipment and customers to support your business.

Recurring Monthly Revenues

System4 will provide customers that need to be cleaned daily, weekly or monthly each and every month. Therefore, there is no need to get new customers each month. Because of the recurring monthly revenue you should always know what your monthly revenues will be.

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