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Surface Specialists provides a Bathtub & Kitchen Repair
& Refinishing Franchise Opportunity

There are over 95 million homes in America, each of which has at least one bathroom and a kitchen. Considering these are the two most remodeled rooms in the house, demand definitely exists for bathtub & kitchen repair & refinishing. Add-in the numerous apartments, assisted living facilities, hotels, motels and tub manufacturers who require repairs and the demand for our services are evident.

Surface Specialists® offers customers the convenience of one-stop shopping! There is no need to waste time and money trying to co-ordinate schedules of separate contractors for each type of substrate. Fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, PVC/ABS, cultured marble, Formica, ceramic tile; Surface Specialists® can repair or refinish them all in one trip, and in most cases at up to 80% off the cost of replacement.

New construction is another segment of the market in which Surface Specialists® excels. We are the ONLY franchisor in our industry offering full services to the new construction industry.

What kind of training and support is provided?

Our comprehensive three-week training program is designed to provide you with the necessary tools you will need to operate your own Surface Specialists® business. From the first day, you will experience on-the-job training, learning techniques essential to becoming an expert in the field. In addition, you will be provided with our confidential operations manual, classroom training and instructional videotapes to support your technical training.

Ongoing support is one of the best advantages that franchising has to offer over independent businesses. You have the entire network of Surface Specialists® franchises to count on for technical support. Any problem that you might experience, we have encountered and can help you resolve quickly.

Other forms of support include:

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Toll free number
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Annual conventions
  • Marketing assistance
  • New product research and development

Benefits of the Surface Specialists® Franchise

Through our experience, the unavoidable business mistakes have already been made, and worked out of the system. Additional factors that help to ensure your franchised business will be more successful than an independent start up business include:

  • Proven Products and Procedures
  • Protected Territory
  • Group Buying Power
  • Advantages of a Home Based Business
  • Entire Family Network of Franchisees

Several Profit Centers

Profit Centers essentially refer to the variety of services you may offer your customers. We truly believe the merit behind the old saying; "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". What might be a great service in one part of the country, may not take off so well in another.

Therefore, as a Surface Specialists® franchisee, you will not have to rely on only one service to support your business. We offer more profit centers than any other franchisor in our industry including:

  • Kitchen & Bath Repair & Refinishing
  • Acrylic Bathtub Liner and Wall System Installation
  • Safety Conversions
  • Whirlpool Conversions
  • Spa & Pool Repair & Refinishing
  • Glass Scratch Removal
  • Guardian Coat (Protective Tub) Application
  • Whirlpool Plumbing & Mechanical Repair
  • Repair & Polishing of Real Marble & Granite

The ability to provide all of these services enhances your positioning as the one-stop shop for customers remodeling alternatives. More importantly, it allows you to customize your business to your individual market, fill the niches not being met by your competition and increase your profit potential.

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