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The Art of Sharpening Scissors

Learn The Art of The Fine Edge -
Earn Top Dollar Providing a Professional Service

Think About It!

What does a top heart surgeon at a famous university hospital, a world class chef at a renown four star restaurant, and a top stylist at a major salon have in common?

All these professionals rely upon expertly sharpened cutting tools to practice their professions and skilled technicians to maintain their cutting tools' fine edges.

There is an ever increasing demand for skilled sharpening professionals who can maintain precision cutting tools for the Medical, Industrial and the Beauty professions. Make no mistake about it. Maintaining a fine edge on these expensive professional tools is a serious business which can command Top Dollar in any market.

The Art of Sharpening Scissors

Sun Gold Group trains sharpening professionals who can tackle any kind of sharpening challenge. We will provide you with tools and expert training on all aspects of sharpening - from scissors to scalpels. And more importantly, we will give you back-up support. You can confidently launch your business knowing you have the resources of Sun Gold Group behind you.

Sharpening is both an art and a science. No matter what your experience or skill level, under the expert guidance of Master Sharpener Jason Pintel, Sun Gold Group will tailor an intensive one-on-one course to bring you up to speed Fast on all aspect of this exciting and profitable professional trade.

And most importantly, with the skills you will learn, you can take full control of your life. Work part time out of your home, or work full time and earn some really serious money.

If You...

  • Are looking for a challenging and profitable professional trade
  • Like working with other professionals
  • Want to take complete control of how and when you work...You need to check this out!

Learn to Sharpen any of these Types of Tools:

  • Japanese Shears
  • German Shears
  • Medical Instruments
  • "Lefty's"
  • Curved Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Notching Shears
  • Cuticle Nippers
  • Commercial Knives
  • Household Knives

There are sharpeners out there earning in excess of $100,000 a year. A student that finishes the training course is fully equipped to enter business the next day, and in fact is encouraged to get out into the field as soon as possible. There are sharpening opportunities every place you turn. These graduates can walk down any block and find work as sharpeners. Yes, the most return per hour is in the salon scissors (approx. $150 per hour) but a good living can be made anyplace you travel. The students' equipment is portable, and can fit in the trunk of a car.

What is Offered in the Training

I am able to train from five to ten people at a time. The aspect of hand sharpening is done without power equipment, and is not taught by anyone in the world, to my knowledge. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and I have references in this country and Australia from successful students.

I am probably the only sharpener that is teaching the art of sharpening the Japanese style shear totally by hand without power equipment. This may not sound important, but the problem in the country and to an extent world wide, is that people are destroying shears with power equipment. They buy a machine and proceed to remove most of the blade with improper angles and excessive speed of the abrasive on the steel. Yes, I do teach how to use power equipment properly, but it is beautiful to produce a hand done edge that gives you total control of the work by the stroke of the hand.

Our courses are designed to teach you every aspect of this fine art and, upon completion, equip you with all the skills, tools, and business know-how necessary to work whenever and wherever you want.

Choose from a variety of courses, tailored to meet your specific needs. Courses consist of 25-40 hours of individualized, hands on training, resulting in an extensive knowledge of a variety of methods, styles and techniques of sharpening. You will also learn to: test sharpness, identify and correct cutting problems, install silencers and custom balance shears.

Taught one on one by Master Sharpener Jason Pintel, these intensive courses teach you with no prior experience whatsoever the theory, construction and fine art of sharpening.

Seminars - Study in California

Courses are now being taught on the beautiful Central Coast of California. Now you can come to the coast and learn a new profession, and write it off as a business expense.

Courses are being taught in San Luis Obispo, located on California's spectacularly scenic Central Coast, approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Nearby you will find pristine beaches and oceanside sand dunes, award winning vintners and brewers, Big Sur, and the jewel of the Central Coast, Hearst Castle. Plan on spending a few extra days to explore this unique, beautiful area. You'll be glad you did!

For those outside the USA, worldwide seminars are also available. Inquire for Details.

Upon successful completion of the course you receive a certificate.

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