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Guys Watch Sports
Guys Get Haircuts

Every investment should be this obvious.

At Sport Clips we've discovered a huge, untapped market in haircutting. Men.

Sport Clips is a fun, original concept that combines sports, haircuts, and guy-centric marketing in a wildly successful franchise.

Sport Clips is:

  • A fun, laid-back, guy-friendly environment with TVs playing sports.
  • The leading chain targeting men and boys exclusively
  • Expanding Nationally- doubling locations annually
  • Experienced leadership and a proven concept

Sport Clips is a unique, targeted concept for men in a $50 billion market geared toward women. Our fun sports themed environment offers guys a rewarding experience they can't find anywhere else.

Why Sport Clips?

Your Support Team - We offer detailed marketing and operations training from the start and ongoing business consulting with a team of experts focused on your success.

Marketing - With Sport Clips you get the benefit of National Ad buys that drive Clients into your store - on the radio, in print, television and the internet. We also arm you with an aggressive Local Store Marketing program to give you the best return on your marketing dollar.

In the News - Sport Clips has been featured on the local news across the country - the concept is so unique and well-executed it's been a hit on CNBC, Sports Illustrated and local network affiliates across the country.


Obviously, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't looking for an attractive investment opportunity.

And for a lot of reasons, we believe Sport Clips is one of the most attractive investment opportunities currently available.

In a world saturated with fast food franchises, ice cream and cookie shops, video stores, diet centers, coffee shops, and everything else imaginable, this is truly a one-of-a kind opportunity.

Amazingly, no other hair salon chain or hair cutting franchise has specifically targeted the men's market! Not one. And this "niche" market represents fully half the country's adult population.

We believe this represents a huge opportunity. And if you join us now, you can share this exciting ride right from the beginning.

A few interesting facts:

  • Haircutting is a $40 billion a year industry
  • No major chain currently targets men
  • No chain currently has over a 1% share
  • Over 90% of our competitors are "mom & pop" shops, with limited business skills and limited capital resources
  • This is an all-cash business, no receivables to worry about
  • Working capital requirements are relatively low
  • Haircutting is a recession-proof, year-round business
  • Haircutting is a necessity, not a luxury. A fact of life, not a fad
  • This is a gigantic market that's crying out for a concept like Sport Clips. And we have a very aggressive program designed to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Who are we looking for?

Work ON the business, not IN it - you don't need hair care experience. Often franchisees maintain their current career.

Individuals or Partnerships for area developers and multi-unit franchisees.

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