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Take Charge of your Future with a SparkleWash Franchise.

SparkleWash is the world's leading power wash company. We are an international franchise network that cleans, restores, and preserves anything, anywhere, anytime! We are the only power wash ranked by Entrepreneur and Franchise Times magazines. A SparkleWash franchise gives you real advantages over other types of business opportunities with:

  • Diverse markets include transportation, industrial, retail, commercial, and residential.
  • High profit margins, mobility, and flexible hours.
  • Patented industrial-grade power washing equipment and products.
  • Extensive training and ongoing technical and business support.
  • Annual meetings and regional seminars.

SparkleWash provides you with the security of knowing there is an unlimited amount of technical and business support to help you every step of the way!

Think lifestyle when you choose a franchise

Consider the lifestyle you want. SparkleWash offers you freedom from grueling hours in a fixed location restaurant or retail business, waiting for customers to come to you. It also offers freedom from endless computer work required by tax or mailing services. Instead you have a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

"The training and support are great."
Aaron Smith of SparkleWash of Eastern Iowa

Make your future sparkle. Imagine how happy you would be with job security, a steadily growing income, and plenty of markets for future expansion. SparkleWash can give you the tools, the training and the inspiration to achieve all these goals - and more!

What a Success YOU CAN BE!

SparkleWash is the world's leading power wash company because no other system cleans as well or is so adaptable. SparkleWash services the transportation, residential, industrial & commercial industries. We provide you with complete training, patented equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning products, open territories & ongoing support. Local competitors lack the knowledge and resources to master environmental regulations. However, you will have all that information available to you from the start. As a SparkleWash franchisee, you have the benefit of owning your own business with the support of the world's top power washing franchise.

Join the SparkleWash Family

SparkleWash will train you how to operate a SparkleWash business with 5 days of factory training, covering: equipment operation, maintenance procedures, cleaning solutions, applications procedures, sales and marketing techniques, bookkeeping and complete, easy to use reference manuals. We also provide on-site field training to ensure that your business gets off to a flying start.

Ultra-high productivity advanced model Eagle 253 D/G

SparkleWash: The cleaning service where you clean up big!

Join a world leader. Cleaning services are one the fastest growing franchise categories, and SparkleWash is the world's leading power wash company. We are the only power wash franchise ranked by Entrepreneur and Franchise Times Top 200. SparkleWash gives you real advantages over the other cleaning services with big, diverse markets instead of limited ones, much higher profit margins than janitorial services, and much more.

Make Your Future Sparkle

No related experience is needed. Most SparkleWash franchise owners had never done or supervised power washing before, so don't worry about having specific experience. What's important is your desire to build your own business and your ability to sell an exciting and important service as well as an ability to manage others (when you want multiple units). These, along with your entrepreneurial drive and spirit, are what make you a SparkleWash success.

"We never thought we'd be so big so fast."

SparkleWash provides everything you need to get started with a minimum cash investment of $40,000. Third party financing, based upon your credit is available for the mobile unit and equipment. Typical terms are 60 months. You may also purchase outright or obtain your own financing.

Fantastic Growth Potential

SparkleWash hosts an annual convention and seminars throughout the year to ensure your success. Topics include marketing, sales, accounting, new cleaning processes & systems, finding quality employees and many more. We also provide periodic updates as well as advice and support on a daily basis.

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