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SOHO HERO™ is a service center concept that provides business services tailored to SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office Professionals). We're growing fast and selecting new locations for our business service centers - but the doors won't open until we find the right owner/operator. Someone who's really ready to do something different. And fun. And empowering. Maybe that's you.

Why Franchisees First?

I believe (so SOHO HERO™ believes) that in order for the customers to be happy, the people behind the counter have to be happy first. So, we've designed SOHO HERO™ from the ground up around our owner/operators. Here, you won't find restaurant-like long hours or heavy physical labor. Instead, you will find a well-designed business model that gives you the kind of support you'll need as you get into your own business and grow an asset for yourself.

The way I see it, if we make a hero out of you, you'll want to make heroes out of the customers. And that's what it takes not just to survive - but to THRIVE!

Plus, by introducing the SOHO HERO™ concept as an owner/operator in your neighborhood, you'll:

  • Have time for your family
  • Work close (very close) to home
  • Be your own boss
  • Build an asset while you work

Finally, I believe that those who stay connected with the changing needs of their customers, will, at the end of the day, win. IBM did it by moving from corporate computing to personal computing. Starbucks® did it by seeing themselves as experience providers, not just coffee purveyors. And SOHO HERO™ is doing it right now by joining the ranks of these brand leaders and transforming our own vision: from one of a print/copy/ship business to a model that tailors business services exclusively to this leading-edge segment of our economy, the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office Professionals) market - approximately 15 million strong and growing.

We look forward to helping you build your own asset, connect with and serve a dynamic market segment, and be happy doing it.

Kindest regards, Chris Kouloukas, Founder and CEO


Whether you're a consultant, a real estate agent, a designer or restaurateur, SOHO HERO™ offers support and business services (and helpful people who think) in addition to the mechanics of production (print, copy, ship). The range and quality of services you can get is impressive, practical, and reasonably priced.

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