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The Shell name represents a global group of petrochemical and energy companies that work together to change the world. The Shell companies are active in more than 130 different countries and territories all over the world, employing more than 108,000 people worldwide.

The Shell gas station company has a number of priorities and strategies for the future that are meant to be more upstream, by focusing on growth and delivery, and always working to better leverage a strong and ever-growing portfolio. The Shell franchise has a number of core values, including but not limited to honesty, respect and integrity, which have all formed the basis of the General Business principles that the company has been following for more than thirty years. These three main concepts remain important as ever to the Shell franchise, especially when it comes to providing exactly what customers need in a responsible way.

The Shell franchise is convinced that both short and long term business success for all of the subsidiary companies are going to depend on finding ways to meet the energy needs of the future, but in ways that are both socially and environmentally responsible. The Shell franchise has placed a large amount of energy and attention on this concept, because the faces behind the company understand how important these environmentally and socially friendly solutions are going to be in the future when the earth is even more precious to us.

The main objectives of the Shell franchise are to engage in oil, gas, chemicals and oil products in a profitable, responsible and efficient way, while participating in the ongoing search and development of other sources for energy that will meet a constantly growing and evolving need for customers, and that will respond properly to the world's growing demand for energy over time. The faces behind the Shell franchise truly do believe that oil and gas will both be truly integral when it comes to the world's energy needs, which is why such a high standard for performance is demanded by all subsidiary companies under the Shell franchise.

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